We are rapidly headed towards our next general election to elect a new government, or perhaps even roll over the existing government. As usual we will get a vote for the member of our choice that’s standing for their electorate. As well, we will get another vote for the party we would like to see Govern, and this is the core of our problem, as it’s also from where the list is born. This time, we have a say in whether we wish to retain the present system, further, what do we wish to do about the terrible list system. On paper it comes through as a fair and equitable system, but in practice it has been open to abuse, and not delivering what we were told it would.


Some people wish to keep the status quo, in spite of the abusive and stupid behaviour of some. and what some of us have just been putting up with. It even occasionally gives the power to elect a government by only a small minority, like what we had when New Zealand First were calling the tune. Next time it could easily be a maverick Maori Party, or perhaps even the Greens.


I have no time for the Greens either. Nothing to do with their environmental plans, but because of their extreme leftest leanings, that are held by some of their members. Political Parties are finding out because of the past behaviour of some, it was a mistake to form a Government with these minorities. From experience when they didn’t get their way, some tended to spit the dummy, and toss out all their toys from their bassinet.


What it did in the past too was allow was some people to take a seat in parliament, who in my opinion would never have made it had they approached the system in the normal way, and tried to get voted in. It also allowed a second chance to some politicians who we considered we had tossed out, and got rid of. Good lord, before you could say ‘Jack Robinson’, they were back in power again. Some were definitely quirky, carrying some very strange baggage. The list is the worst aspect of the system, and I know the average voter is not stupid, I’m sure because of the excesses it has allowed in the past, won’t wish to retain this system, unless some drastic changes are made.


As I see it, MMP gives a minority party sometimes too much power, especially when they hold the position of a ‘kingmakers’. They can demand ministerial positions, and what’s more annoying, they can slide in some of their more dubious agenda, and get it passed into law. This is the price you have to pay for power, and holding onto the Treasury Benches. As far as I’m concerned, I would like to revert back, to the ‘First past the Post’ again.


Some would like to change over to the Australian system of preferential voting. I don’t like their system either, it’s far too complicated.


In the morning News Goff has just announced with a big smirk that if elected, the Labour Party will do away with the GST on food, but he wouldn’t discuss the matter. I hope he has costed this move out, and they have some way of making up this loss of revenue. As well, he will introduce a capital gains tax. So the campaign is hotting up. Many people have bought a second home to supplement their pension, so this move will not be popular with them, not just the wealthy. I heard someone mention tonight that if they spend $50,000 on a kitchen and bathroom they won’t want to be taxed again on their own input when they come to sell the second home.


The Labour Party with the Greens, are dribbling out more of their Capital Gains policy which it seems to me the making of policy on the hoof, it now will include shares and any other personal property. This is going to be a very interesting election.


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