Insurance Matters

I have made a break through with my insurance company and it was by an accident. A truck shed some gravel while it was passing me, this damaged my windscreen while I was on my daily trek across town to visit Laura. I’m also due for a warrant. I know unless I can get the screen repaired or replaced, I might just fail it. I called in to the Glass repair shop as I was passing. The receptionist stuck sticky patch where a sizeable rock had struck my car, and told me, to call my insurer. I can understand them being careful, a replacement screen today, can run into hundred of dollars if it requires replacement.

They must have tightened up the system, because the last time I broke a screen, and it would have been at least fifteen years ago, this was when the roading contractors never bothered to sweep the road clear of loose stones after resealing. Back then making contact with the insurance company was all handled by the glass company. Broken windscreens were the most prevalent of accidents we endured then, all because of the Road workers slack attitude.

Today there are so many heavy trucks with trailers on our roads, all busy carting away truckloads from the centre of town, full of Building material which at one time was the fabric of buildings that have been destroyed by earthquakes, load after load.

After calling the insurance coy and getting the authorisation to repair the screen, the young lady inquired, ‘Was there any thing else?’ I replied yes, indeed there was. ‘I would like to return to my home’, and you have insured that as well. I never get an answer from the earthquake people when I call. Up until that point I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about my problems. Before I return to my home it requires some structural repair work to be carried out. ‘From that one call. It’s all go now’. ‘I’m in the white zone group Pod 7’, what ever that means, and she gave me a case number. Further more, they would send a builder around in weeks time to fix up the safety aspect, and would I get get quotes for the other items that require replacement to make the place liveable again. Like the stove top that is ceramic and got broken. All this assistance. Maybe because it was my birthday helped. Hillary and I are going to get our heads together tomorrow. Rod and Hillary have taken over the administration of my affairs, which has been a big help. But apart from having all the services that I commonly use, which unfortunately are all on the other side of the town. So to do anything, I now initially have to drive through to the other side, but apart for this small inconvenience I’m very comfortable.

Many in this City are having a very difficult time, and stoical about getting on with their lives. Just imagine being handed the keys to your new home, three days later, you see an official come around and condemn it, By slapping a ‘Red Sticker’ onto it, ‘Unfit for human habitation’.

Some in the bad hit areas people have suffered a sand and water volcanoes all coming up through the living room floor, and ruining everything in their home. Others are surrounded by a sea of dirty water, sewerage, and silt over the whole of their property, feet deep, and impossible to keep it out of their homes. Liquefaction is the fancy word they have given it, and this is the reason the Government is buying up suburbs, and pushing over the homes that are sittingĀ amongĀ it all.

While waiting to have my car serviced and drinking their coffee, I got chatting with another patron. He said, that he came from Kaiapoi, and owned a three year old riverside home, which had now split in two. With every shake the split got bigger. At this stage he has no idea whether he will stay or move. To get to the garage I had to drive through the middle of the City, and I was astounded by the massive damage, parts of the Central City had suffered.

With the demolishing of the Eastern suburbs, we have the incongruous situation now of politicians representing only a muddy pond where their constituents once were . A few now will be scrambling for a new soft seat, eyeing the new areas that have been mooted for future growth and rebuilding.

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