If there is one thing you must never do in this this country, and that’s to run foul of the media. Over the years I have watched them on the television screen night after night, and one by one, relentlessly hunt down their victims over the years,. In the chase they are absolutely merciless. Should you show any sign of weakness, or let them get the slightest smell of blood, look out, now you are as good as dead. They never take prisoners either.

This week I watched them drag down and devour Alisdair Thompson, and waited to see if anyone would bother to look for the facts. Why would you want to go out and do that? I have always known too, that our media have never ever let the facts get in the way of a good story. They kept up their merciless attack until the man was dismissed from his job. I would imagine too that he will soon be heading for the employment court, and demanding a very large severance payment. With good grounds too, because of the way that this scenario has been played out. And will the media be around to contribute? I think not. Regardless of what he said, he paid a very steep price, so they could make their news sensational. TV One ‘Close Up’ programme ran a poll, after his dismissal, to find out what their audience thought. Question, ‘Should he have been dismissed or not?’. Thinking that this will drive the final nail into his coffin. Well they were wrong, and the public weren’t it seems following their piper. Sixty percent thought dismissal was too harsh. Whoops! Well, we won’t dwell on that, will we. As far as the public are concerned, the Media this time, may have got it badly wrong.

Thompson is not the first to go down under attack, and he won’t be the last. They had a go at Paul Henry the host on a Morning TV Show, when he ridiculed an Indian Official’s name on air. After they finished with him. Sacked. Another scalp to the Political Correct brigade. He is not alone, there is a long trail of tall poppies that have been cut down.

I seem to remember that they had a feast with an ACT Politician. He in his distant past, when he was young and stupid, applied to be issued with a Pass Port in a dead child’s name. He actually obtained this, but he never used the document. He later confessed to this act of stupidity, and was convicted and discharged, by the Courts. It was with great glee the Media dredged up this bit of his past, chewed over it for days, as the lead story, until the poor fellow just gave up, and resigned from parliament.

If you ever had any ambition of being a politician, and you can see yourself swanning around in a chauffeur driven BMW. You had better examine your past in great detail. Because sure as sure, if you don’t, the opposition and the media are going to do it for you. I’m even sure that they have a department, to do just that, seeking out any flaws or misdemeanour’s, that fellow politicians may have committed in their past. So that it can be leaked to the Media. The object of the exercise is not only to discredit you, but to smear your party. Too often when these misdemeanour’s are found, they are kept under wraps to when they can do the greatest damage. The opposition must spend a lot a time searching for skeletons in their opponents past. This is a sick practice. The kind of people who do this, deserve to be exposed as well, for their perverted behaviour.

Occasionally the boot is on the other foot. There is a case pending in the United Kingdom where a News Paper has been exposed for hacking into cell phones belonging to families, who have experienced a personal trauma. They have been caught at it and exposed, the matter has been raised in the House of Commons. The owner Murdoch, who owns the Group that the News Paper belongs to, acted swiftly, and he has closed the paper down completely. This is a news paper with a circulation of over a million. It would seem that these folk can’t stand up to the heat either.

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