Police Pursuits



Yet another clown has tried to outrun a Police pursuit, in doing managed to killed himself in the process. This proves that he was not the skilled driver he considered he was. It was inevitable that sooner or later he would come to a sticky end. This brings us to the disgraceful total to date of some 18 Killed. Of course, some of these were not being chased, only followed by the police. But today Of course everyone has an opinion. The liberal section say. ‘Just give up, as soon as you are able to identify the offender being chased’. Fat lot of use that would be, with an army of tricky Lawyers all waiting to leap to their defence. All armed with some obscure technical aspect of the law, when the alleged culprit is caught and paraded before the Court. Many of these people are happy to allow these stupid people flout the law, in doing so they endanger all other road users. They are treating their juvenile behaviour on the road as a game, too late many realise that the motor vehicle is not a toy, in the real world where we live it can kill you. The media again are guilty of making news, or to put it another way, Slanting the story to make it sound good. Have they ever reported that the Police were engaged in some 2060 pursuits that didn’t involve an accident or result in a death. Possibly the penalty for people doing a ‘Runner’ is too light. A much heavier one may just cause them to think again.


I’m afraid I belong to the chase school, in saying this, I consider that it’s also necessary the media to get their fact correct. People who crash and are killed are not always being pursued by the Police. As I see it ‘They are fleeing from the police’, ‘Or just flouting all the rules of safe driving’. Many Countries have a different attitude towards these law breakers and provide their Traffic people with high powered cars so it’s very difficult to outrun them.


We in Christchurch harbour more than our fair share of bad drivers. Nobody anymore takes any notice of Compulsory Stops. It seems to me when they arrive at a stop, they slow down and just drift through. Many never bother to signal their intentions any more either. You are expected to guess what they are up to. I’m talking about people who just jump into their vehicle, and take off, no signal, they consider there is no one close by, why bother. Another pet hate of mine and that’s the tailgater. Whether on the highway, or just driving around the city I get very annoyed if I’m driving at the posted speed limit, to see nothing but someone’s radiator filling my rear vision mirror. I immediately slow down to get rid of the impatient one. I have no desire to be part of a tail end accident which happens far too often. Especially in this City, I come across several cars who have ‘tailended’ one another and they all have the nerve to call it an accident.


Then we come to ‘Round Abouts’, many drivers have no idea of what to do and what the rules are, and just freeze when they arrive. Holding up everyone up while they work it out. Last but not the least we come to red lights. There is one group, and it’s the Cyclists who just ignore them, and most other road rules as well. Maybe I missed something here, are they allowed to weave through on red if the way is clear? You would probably guess from that statement that I don’t like cyclists, well it’s true. The idea for putting two completely incompatible types of vehicles into the one traffic stream is just asking for trouble. Many Cyclists it seems, also belong to a Cult. Dressed in the latest ‘Velcrom’ cyclist fashion, they ignore everything else on the road, they are an law unto themselves, when you come to an intersection, they weave their way to the front of the line of cars, you have to negotiate your way past them once again, as they weave about, head down, ignoring other traffic, claiming their rights and space.


I live on the Cashmere Hill and watch with horror while these same people whose top speed on the flat would be perhaps 40km per hour. These same cyclists hurtle down the Dyers Pass road passing one and all, at breakneck speeds exceeding 80 Km. The surprising part of their journey down hill is that they are relying on a road contact, all of two square inches should they need to slow down or stop. The Gods surely smile on these people.





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