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I had an occasion the other day to get an important paper signed, advising the company that pays my pensions, that we are actually alive and kicking. The is an annual requirement. After a lot of searching to find someone close to where Laura is resident, and fitting all the all requirements and who actually meet the criteria demanded who can witness our signatures. I finally settled on a Retired Chaplain who occasionally visits Laura’s Nursing Home. As well as the rules, they are also supposed to have known you for a year. This was easy in the past when we lived in a small town and knew everyone. In fact, I also fitted the description of one who could witness, but you can’t do that for yourself.


To complicate matters the ‘Post’ just happened to lose my letters. I don’t know if you are aware of what’s going on these days, but the Post Office today is at a cross roads, and is engaged in a crusade of slowly removing from our streets, the handy letter boxes, including the two close to where I live. These street boxes have been part of our infrastructure since the days of penny postage. Mine just vanished overnight, not a word to say why. I know with all electronic aids for messaging, that we have at our finger tips we are spoilt for choice. What with the fax machine, computers, and our teenagers favourite, TXT. It’s a different matter when it comes to paying the occasional accounts, and when you are sending a cheque, or you wish to enclose something. The ‘Post’ is the only suitable method. Yes, I know I can make an electronic payment, but I don’t want to clutter up my machine when the payments are only a ‘one offs’, employed perhaps only once an year. I have my power accounts, Rates, News Paper, payments all paid by a ‘Direct Debits’, but then again I still receive advice of each transaction. I know there is also another alternative, the Courier System, but that’s expensive, and as well operates only within office hours and here in Christchurch it’s necessary to call at one of their designated officers.


Parcel and package charges have jumped in price too so much so that sometimes the freight charge exceeds cost of the item being sent.


It would seem too that the art of letter writing is a dying art. Too often people today resort to the easy way, and are prepared to buy an expensive card with some else’s message to convey their sympathy or congratulations.


How the mighty have fallen. In my youth the Post Office reigned supreme. It was the interface to most Government Departments. The sole provider of all telephone business. For the mail and telegraph Systems, the Post Office was again the sole and only provider. They also operated a Savings Bank across the Nation which at the time was invaluable. They even controlled access to the Air Waves by virtue of the fact that they issued licences to transmit of receive.


Today your hardest task is to find a PostOffice or agency. Many of their premises have been sold off as Museums or Restaurants.










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