Airline Security



The Airlines are all suffering a lot of flak from the public because of their increasing strict regime of security screening. Passengers are being asked to remove their shoes and in some cases prosthetic devices all detected by over zealous security officers in addition to their already invasive ‘pat downs.’ When you look at many of the times the terrorists have actually penetrated their screening, it has been Airline Staff who were mainly at fault. Pan Am flight 103 London to New York it was unaccompanied baggage, that brought it down over Lockerbie. Same story with an Air India flight staff bamboozled by an aggressive passenger who never actually took the flight either. If the Security Staff are allowed to get away with their over zealous behaviour without some cry of protest, the day is not very far away when we will huddling past the check points completely in the Buff.


These two attacks which brought down Aircraft have resulted in an over reaction by the security staff. One passenger after a ‘Pat Down’ was asked to remove his colostomy bag. Another woman had a prosthetic breast detected and was asked to remove it. I don’t know what the answer is but it’s obvious that security need first to get their own house in order. You don’t have to be an genius to work out that there is going to be a serious turn off with Passengers opting out altogether from Air Line Travel, or bypassing Countries that are too strict in their security requirements. This is already happening with passengers on Route to Europe, going to great lengths to avoid a stop over in the USA.


I have a few stories of my own experiences with flight staff, for a start I must admit I was completely in the wrong. We had been for a Holiday to New Caledonia. On our return to Auckland we decided to spend a few days touring the City. I hired a car to make the most of our short break. We were lucky as we had the use of a house belonging to the French family we had been staying with in New Caledonia. We enjoyed our visits to supermarkets, something we didn’t have back home. Mt Cook Airlines also came into the story, as over the years I had been very good to them, although they didn’t Bank with me, on very many occasions I assisted them with the conversion of foreign money on weekends. To give me a payback when they learnt I was travelling overseas offered half price Tickets, within New Zealand for me and family. However the Queenstown Christchurch leg was so expensive, I declined their offer, and did what we always did, we drove our car to Christchurch and saved $750.


While Supermarket shopping in Auckland Lynn spotted large orchids for sale. Large Cymbidium plants with several flower spikes for sale at $9.99. Wow! Back home you wouldn’t get even one flower for that price. Could she buy one plant to take home? I said, ‘We would never get it on board with our luggage’. She wasn’t put off. To cut a long story short, we ended up with Four plants, which and each were fitted snuggly into paper rubbish bags, with stapled tops. On walking into the Air Port Hall and about halfway to the Check In we were stopped by a female ‘Check In’ operator, calling out to us in a strident Voice. ‘Don’t think for one minute you are carrying all that that rubbish onto our Aircraft’! However she had not taken into account John McGlinchey who was manning the adjoining counter for Mt Cook, and watching this display of temper with interest. He also called out in a equally loud voice ‘Take no notice of that stupid Bitch Wally’. ‘We will fly you and your packages home’. The stupid B. from Air New Zealand, (John’s description not mine), had no way of knowing that I had financed John into his home when he was finding it difficult. Indecision, indecision, The poor girl, Should I give in and accept their luggage, or stick to my guns. She caved in, and said, ‘This time only, we will take your several items’. And face was saved all around. We arrived home with only one broken bud.



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