The Cosmos


Nations today are all busy searching our heavens with Radio telescopes, as well as the plain conventional optical kind. They are looking for the same thing. Signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the heavens. All have the same concerns. Are we alone in the in this cosmos or do we have company? As far as I’m concerned, the chances are good that we are not alone. If you take into account a billion or so visible stars, together all their planets. The chances with these figures, there should be a high probability that there must be some planets similar to our Earth, and with similar environments. That being so they could support Life, even it’s not based on Carbon. Conditions need not be exactly the same, as we have recently discovered. Scientists have been astonished to find life thriving in some of the earths most extreme environments. Not long ago we considered nothing could thrive in such hostile places. But recently they have found advanced life forms existing and thriving in deep oceans, alongside active volcanic vents together with their high temperatures. This fact not so long ago would have been dismissed out of hand as improbable until advances in technology have made it possible to explore these places.


So if it did happen, that we actually met some Aliens in whatever form they would have evolved in? In spite of our eagerness, I would forecast that it wouldn’t be a pleasant meeting. Certainly it wouldn’t be an occasion similar to the meeting of Stanley and Livingstone in the Congo. I can’t imagine what various forms life on another world would evolve into, but I’m willing to bet it wouldn’t look any like our race of humans. You only have to look around on this planet to see the myriad directions life here has taken. Even the bewildering life forms that have evolved in the sea is staggering in it’s diversity. This area is still largely unexplored. Yes, there are some species with large brains, but their intelligence only seems to be used in their hunt for food. Cephalopods have displayed a remarkably ability to solve problems when observed in captivity. Some of these species can be extremely aggressive and regard every other form of life including their own as dinner. The same goes for whales and dolphins. Very intelligent, and they are all social animals, able to communicate with one another, and as well find their way around the world. There is even a species of tree in Africa that can warn it’s neighbours of an attack by insects. This is carried out by the release of a chemical scent.



Should Aliens actually find their way here I’m willing to bet that their reception would be hostile, even if they were clutching an olive branch. None of the nonsense, ‘Take me to your leader’. We treat even our close neighbours with aggression, when they arrive on our shores uninvited, and without the correct documentation. I can’t imagine any arrival from space being greeted with open arms. More likely to be greeted at pistol point. As well they may even regard us as dinner.


However I think we are stuck here, as we would not live long enough to travel to the nearest likely planet, as they are just too distant. So we will just have to wait for them to travel here.






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