Today I want to talk about Terrorists and Pirates. Many will jump to the conclusion when I mentioned Pirates, I’m talking about people helping themselves Intellectual Property and not paying on the Internet. More notice of these pirates is taken, yet they never physically do any harm, but only hurt you in the pocket. No I’m talking about the real kind of Pirate who have been with us forever, These are the kind who are out to Kill, Rob, or Kidnap, all on a grand scale, but very little notice of them is being taken.

In today’s world and as of old, we are plagued by Terrorists and pirates. Even if they don’t get to carry out their atrocities, after each attempt they still win, as even more restrictions are imposed onto us, each and every time when we travel. Currently we have to present ourselves a couple of hours early before departure when departing by Air. Remove our shoes, stand Obediently for a pat down, have anything sharp taken from us, no matter how small, or even how insignificant. Those carrying out these duties seem to have got carried away to point, that the whole exercise has now become ridiculous. Also, bottles of fluids are restricted in size. So the terrorists always win, because they subject whole Nations to a state where we are all chasing own tails. Having said that, and in spite of all the checks, we will never stop a determined terrorist. They will alway find a way, especially if they are prepared to sacrifice their own lives in each and every attempt.

What drives these people, I don’t know. They are supposed to be religious. Maybe they are, but as well they would required to have a very large degree of stupidity, or perhaps gullibility, to become a candidate of terror, to carry out their self imposed path of destruction. To swallow all the clap trap they are being fed. Especially what their religious leaders are programming into them. The need to be prepared to sacrifice their own lives when they blow themselves to smithereens. But for them not it’s not oblivion, when they take with them, the lives of the hated infidels. The only difference is they are told they will be met at the Pearly Gates and escorted into paradise. What a pity that someone has not managed to return, to tell them that they have been fooled, and all the expected virgins are old harridans, and that they all smelt like their camels.

If everyone followed the rules, by especially those in charge, they would be able to stop 99% of the attempts to bomb, or take out an Aircraft. The most successful attempts that have been made are when correct procedures were not followed. Unfortunately the prevention people have to be correct 100% of the times, where as the Terrorist only has to break through the security screen once, to achieve in his attempt of destruction.

The Pirates are a different matter, and have been active on the sea since man first pushed a boat out to sail the seven seas. They are not religious, but more honest in that they are only out for personal gain. By forbidding sailors to go about their lawful tasks unarmed, the authorities are making them sitting ducks. Trying to fend off a pirate with only a water hose is pathetic, and perhaps those who make these rules should also be sent out to sail around the Horn of Africa armed with a hose. They don’t seemed yet to have considered escorting vessels as we did during the war. Another ploy could be vessels armed to the teeth disguised and employed like the ‘Q’ ships.

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