It was with surprise what I heard on the radio today. The latest court news relating to the eviction of three women by the Housing Department from their State homes, this was still on going. This eviction action was brought about by the women having ‘Mongrel’ gang connections whose members were constantly hanging around, and whose behaviour had been constant threat, and a source of annoyance to all the other tenants. Goodness me, when the Housing Department won their case which was a clean cut, to evict these women and troublesome partners, whose behaviour was turning the life of other tenants into something no one would want to put up with.

However it now seems, even though the Housing Department won their case they were not evicted. Because they won a ‘stay’ of eviction with an appeal, and other legal ploys, and have managed to delay any action for many months. It now seems they with the assistance of their legal team, and of course your money, which is being doled out by the bucket full from ‘Legal Aid’. They have tried every legal manoeuvre available, so far lost each and every manoeuvre. And who do you think who is really is paying for this judicial charade? You are, ‘Silly Billy’ All Legal Aid comes direct from the Public Purse. So far it must have cost the State at least a million dollars, which is only my guesstimate. It seems now it would have been cheaper to build each woman a new home, and gift it to them. I have every sympathy for the people who live near by. They seem to have been forgotten while lawyers played their legal games.

No one wants to live in close proximity of any Gang activity. These gang members are only tenants by default, being companions of the women concerned. They could be dubbed as a group ‘Neighbours from Hell’. As far as the Law is concerned after a year of this nonsense, only confirms my opinion that it’s a stupid Ass. It makes one wonder how far do you have to go in law, until it is deemed Vexatious. Everybody is intituled to their day in court. but not eighteen months. What is wrong here? is the judiciary pussy footing around. Or is it because they are Maoris? I have no proof of this, but am willing to bet my all that this so. The Maori leaders seem to be reluctant to tackle the gangs who have proved themselves to be a breeding ground for criminals. It has been reported too that they are a major supplier of drugs, in both the cultivation, and the manufacture of same.

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