Alcohol when coupled with excessive consumption and becomes ‘Alcoholism’ has been a huge problem for many people. It also seriously effects the victim’s family and their employment. Society has tried several solutions to assist and correct the situation, from gentle persuasion, to even the outright forbidding sale of alcohol. But nothing seems to work. I was lucky in that I was born into a family where no one was addicted to alcohol, or where it was a problem. However my life and work since has since brought me close to many people who were addicted. I was able by chance, to witness first hand the misery that it wrought onto some families. The people so effected will lie, cheat, and generally make anyone’s life that is close to them a misery. Nothing matters so long as they get their regular fix of alcohol. They keep on making promises too that they have no intention of keeping. However the other side of the coin is, when not drinking, they are the nicest of people or friends.


I came into contact with liquor at an early age, when inducted into the services. I was turned overnight from a student under tight parental control, into what was deemed a man. This brought with it all the freedoms that go with being an adult. I should have known too, all of the responsibilities as well that were involved and come with this status. At eighteen years of age, I was now free to wander into any Hotel Bar, order anything off the top shelf if I so wanted. However without the assistance of a War, I would have had to wait another three years for this privilege.


I was never cut out to be a drinker. I never liked losing control, and I thought a ‘hang over’ was too big a price to pay for a night out. I also have a private theory that people who over indulge in regular ‘Binge Drinking’ sessions, don’t suffer any after effects. Liquor is also a social drug, another danger is pier pressure which is also part of the problem. Today’s youth have a culture where adolescents are keen to demonstrate how they can ‘hold’ their liquor, but instead for some, it is a terminal situation, and they are ending up on a slab in the morgue.


The above brings us to another aspect of drinking, and that’s driving while drunk, over and above what society deems to be the legal limit. Something has to be done in this area. We have had several cases recently of people being charged up to sixteen times for this offence. With our soft judiciary trying in vain to rehabilitate offenders, already they have in most cases already lost their licence to drive. Short of locking them up there is not much they can do. But they are not addressing the problem. Statistics has shown that the soft approach doesn’t work. I’m of the opinion that the Scandinavia scheme does. After one offence, lock them up, but only for the weekends for a year or so. There is no need to rush out and build new jails. It doesn’t even have to be in a secure complex. An unused military camp will do. However should any decide to take French Leave, keep them in chains or restraints. Something has to be done, as they are putting all other road users lives at risk by their cavalier attitude.


It would seem today we have a large section of our community who respect no one. Parents, Police, or anyone who is in authority. ‘Nobody is going to tell me what to do’, is their constant cry. But somehow we have to get the message through to these people, and get them off the road before they kill any more innocent victims.


Do I think anything constructive will be done? No not really, not until a member of a VIP’s family is the victim. Then perhaps our thinking may change.






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