More Aftershocks

This City is still suffering from the earthquake even after two months. In some cases you could be forgiven if you thought the event was only yesterday as nothing has happened to restore our buildings. Many small businesses have never reopened, especially those housed in or near what they call ‘Heritage Buildings’. Most of these are still found in ‘strips’ throughout the City. When one falls over or are damaged it severely effects all others. In Colombo Street where my Chemist is situated, the four or five adjoining buildings are still sitting after two months exactly how the earthquake left them. Unfortunately, this strip has all been badly effected. To compound their problem, one owner told me, they all have different land Lords, and to complicate it even further, different Insurance Companies. So after two months of driving around piles of bricks which belongs to the aforementioned shops. They still don’t know when can they be pulled down and rebuilt, or that they can commence trading again. As it now, the road is reduced to one lane each way, as well, one side of the street is fenced off. Also, the question is, will they be able to afford the new rental, when and if they are rebuilt? The Earthquakes have never stopped, as today we must have had more than a thousand or so, many of these were insignificant but some were in the 4 or 5 on the Richter scale. As if this wasn’t enough, Colombo Street further up the street, close the overbridge, is reduced to only one way and one lane only. I should say that I personally must be getting used to then. as I’m starting to sleep through many. What does happen is that the earthquake triggers off dreams, but I don’t wake, and so far they have all been bad dreams.


I suppose I shouldn’t complain as we still have a roof over our head, no job or business to worry about. Apart from the getting around town, and a temporary loss of power and water, we have been relatively untouched except I’m like everyone one else, waiting for the next big one.


From time to time, you read or hear about other peoples troubles. Some of the scenarios are so stupid, you have to laugh. One woman whose home had been declared safe, went off shopping unconcerned. However on returning home, she was confronted with a home, that had been completely boarded up and sealed. It appears the authority had changed their mind about the state of her home, but somehow neglected to inform her.




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