Dame Margaret Bazley really put the cat among the canaries when she tabled her report concerning the rorting of some of the Northern lawyers from our ‘Legal Aid system’. ( If you don’t know what this system is, it’s a large pot of money provided by our Government to finance the defence and appeals by our criminals. As well it also supports a large group of legal people who would have difficulty in getting by without its financial support). Even if only some of the bad behaviour reported by these lawyers is true, one has to wonder how is it that they have gotten away with so much bad behaviour for so long. Some of these legal people it would seem, don’t even have an office or an address, but are working out of their car boots with only their cell phones. The time has now arrived to put aside all the pussy footing around this problem, as well ignore all their bleating and cries of unfair, discriminatory, from some who are only trying to deflect attention. As well the other ploys they will immediately bring into effect. This is something they are past masters at being lawyers. Just because they are members of the Bar, they are not above the Law and shouldn’t be afforded any protection from prosecution. No other section of the community expects it. Even when they were students this group have been handed out lenient treatment, because a prosecution would effect their future.

The whole judicial system over time has descended and evolved into a bad joke. Many of the trials today are no longer about justice, but a spectacle in which many involved in would do well on the stage with some the performances they put on in the court. It takes now three to four months to hear some Murder trials. No wonder some of our juries doze off. This prolonged procedure is after many preliminary events. Surely if a little common sense was applied, some of these time wasting procedures could be reduced. Some trials of today are a joke, and a expensive ones at that. Recently in one particular trial the defendant never even bothered to take the stand. He sat in court day after day impassively in the dock through the many weeks of arguments, taking no part in the matter on hand. At no time was he called on even to say a word, except for his preliminary ‘Not Guilty’. He may as well never even bothered to attend the daily event, which was all about him. In this particular trial which I followed closely there was another annoying fact, it was that some very pertinent evidence was also denied from the Jury hearing as it was considered in someone’s opinion, ‘That it wasn’t in the interests of a fair trial’. If I had been on the Jury I would have been very annoyed about this, and I wonder how can you possibly come to any fair verdict when large lumps of evidence is being filtered out.

The judiciary today seem to think they only the ones capable of making decisions, especially when it comes to deciding right from wrong. Yet in these same proceedings hearsay evidence was allowed. To my mind nothing seemed to be fair or make sense. The whole system today has evolved into the state where the common man is being deliberately locked out when it comes to administering Justice. Over the years we seem to have been forgotten and trampled on by the, ‘We know best’, people .

You would think that should the defendant be found guilty, given a sentence of say ten years, that would be the end of the matter. Not so, there just happens to be another layer of Justice that comes into play. They can shave off a large slice of the term given without consulting anyone. Makes you wonder why we went through the charade of the trial in the first place, when someone can come in without any of, by your leave, and slice off a large portion of the sentence.

Another annoying practice and that is the suppression of names. This is granted in many cases depending who the accused is. Their position in the community. Need to advise relatives. Some of the family must live on another planet as today it doesn’t take weeks to contact anyone. More to the point the Family in question, probably already know that their family member who is in trouble has been a pain in the butt for years, been on the wrong side of the law many times before. I say this because of a recent trial of an offender who had in the past been convicted some sixteen time for the same offence, ‘Drunk in Charge of a vehicle’ He must have been a slow learner or the previous penalties too light. However I’m a believer in the Scandinavian of mandatory weekend Jail system. It works two ways it keeps them off the streets when they would usually active boozing and really this penalty really hurts as well as being effective.

Then we come to ‘Rights’. Every feral member of our society when arrested for some bad behaviour suddenly has at his disposal a bucket full of these. Should the police get any one of these wrong the whole case is tossed out of court on a technicality. Today with our education every one knows their, ‘rights’. A hard look at these and in the main tossed out so that charges being brought will stick

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  1. Glenda says:

    I say throw out the jury, Wally, and bring in the system where there are judges only to decide, especially in murder trials, where in particular a defendant can sit in the dock and say not a word in his own defence but his lawyers willl have everything suppressed because it is ‘detrimental’ and not in his interests to be heard. I have become incensed at times, when I see what these murderers can get away with! and not a word for the victims, in some cases, multiple victims…