Today everyone it seems is obsessed with the need to be given an apology no matter what or when the hurt or slight took place. It doesn’t even matter how long ago the perceived offence took place, or whether it can be proved that anything in fact actually happened creating a need for an apology. Or if it’s even required after so many years have past. In some cases would you believe the offence took place greater that 150 years ago. Perhaps it’s only a desire to rub the noses of today’s people in the dirt.


The Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd has been very involved with the many Australian apologies. If anything, his activity has devalued the act of apology it’s self. Past behaviour of the many claimants if they all can be believed, they are many times worse than our list. Prime Minister Rudd has been a very busy budgie indeed, handing out apologies to all and sundry. To the Aborigines for the stolen generation. For their land grievances, their stolen Children. Perhaps with hindsight the children should have been left with their abusive, drunken, parents, I’m sure the authorities didn’t take this serious action just to be mean and vindictive.


Then we have apologies to the hundreds of Children shipped out from England during the War. And again children’s treatment by Religious Homes and Foster Parents to those in their care. It’s taken a long time to get around to some of these apologies. Never fear, we too have our own active apology industry over here in New Zealand, it’s being exploited to it’s full as well. Firstly we have the Maoris. They have a list as long as your arm of grievances, of all these perceived bad treatments that were perpetrated by the new settlers. However all this seems to be one way. The Maoris certainly are not paragons of virtue if their behaviour today is anything to go on. Our prisons today are full of scallywags and 80% of them are Maori. I have yet to hear even one single mumble of thanks for the largess we have heaped onto them in retribution. Also, it couldn’t have been all that bad, as so many have intermarried into the white Pakeha Race, so much so now it’s getting difficult now to find a ‘full blooded’ Maori. The lot of the Maori in the early days when we first found them their life certainly wasn’t idyllic. Life expectancy was under thirty five years. Nor were they all leaders, Chiefs, or warriors. As well nor were all their women folk, Princesses. Many unfortunately were just an under class of slaves, and their life was even more miserable. Ordinary folk also carried on life under constant threat of raids from their neighbouring tribes, some of these were very aggressive. Should any given situation degenerate into conflict, no quarter was expected or given. It was a case of winner take all. This was the treatment dished out to the Moriori Race on the Chatham’s, they were a peaceful tribe, for them and saddled with their idealistic principals it ended up as Genocide! It would seem that after the English settlers arrived the Maoris have thrived. I once heard a talk given by Rex Austin a Maori Politician. He said in the South Island back in 1840 there only 1500 Maoris total in the South. Today Ngai Tahu covering the same area have 59,000 registered members. For their grievances and recompense, this group have done very well indeed in the compensation stakes. Some six hundred million dollars in fishing assets. I saw in Queenstown alone where they never lived, they were given from the Land Bank, the Post Office, police Station and Fire Station and as well as prime waterfront. In Christchurch a prime site that was formally the Railway Workshops. Wonderful gifts totalling many millions. Politicians wanting to look good have no trouble doling out huge sums of money, it’s not theirs.


Medicine and Hospitals haven’t escaped the apology saga either, people are now demanding huge sums for bad treatment received over the years, which at the time was the accepted as the norm. Of course a monetary gift is tacked on to the demanded apology.


We have too Apologies being demanded from Church orphanages as well as financial compensation. In spite of their ill treatment as a group they seem to have thrived too. However all our recent generation are a miserable lot. They are so busy looking after themselves they have no time for anyone else. I may have mentioned this before but at one time I used to audit the books of the local Red Cross. One fact that stood out and had nothing to do with their accounts, and that was that every member was over seventy years of age. These were the people who were carrying out all the duties they were usually involved in such as Meals on Wheels, Fund Collections. I thought, these were the people who should have been the recipients of these services. I inquired, ‘Where were all the young folk’? ‘Too busy’, was the answer. I have news for them, and it’s all bad. We all get old and require help sooner or later. Sorry our lot won’t be around to hear their call for help.






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