Plastic Bags



The green brigade today is busying itself with a campaign to do away with the use of plastic shopping bags. Some Supermarket Chains have listened and taken heed, stopping the issue of same. Others who are neither for or against, have taken the middle position and are charging 5 or 10 cents a bag to slow usage down. Some Supermarkets are not giving any credence to their cries at all, and don’t believe we are polluting our planet with this item, and that their use is having little or no effect. However any temporary setback will not halt these people. They really must be terrible people to live with. They will not stop now they have started. They are even trying a political move by getting parliament to prohibit their use.


I for one require and need these bags. In this house they are recycled for numerous tasks, such as dust bin liners in both the bathroom and kitchen. Some I use as a shopping bags that can be kept in your pocket until required. Invaluable too, when walking your dog to pick up and depose of it’s leavings. All the while during their earnest campaign, New Zealand and Australia are busy digging up coal as fast as they can. Shipping it to China and India by the Bulk Carriers to really pollute the worlds atmosphere. For a moment, just pause and compare our plastic bag usage to a 60,000 to the 100,000 tons of coal per shipload, being shipped out weekly. It’s like comparing a mosquito to an elephant. Both coal and petroleum resources were once green forests, or similar plant material. As I see it, what we have being doing since time began, is only a rearrangement of the initial materials on planet earth.


This world when time began was initially given a finite amount of resources. Mother Nature as well as lately man have rearranged everything many times over the space of millions of years. Nothing has ever been destroyed or added to Mother Earth, apart for a small amount of cosmos material that drifts in, such as meteorites or even space dust. Mother nature has also determined from time to time, that when she decides that the time is fit. We should experience yet another change, even a cold period. So we have an Ice Age with ice miles deep. Sometimes she just moves the Continents around, or we suffer an Earthquake, or even Volcanic activity. Personally I consider we should be more concerned about our trying to exist on a block of ice rather than worrying about the warming of our planet.


As I see it, the real problem today is one of overpopulation. We have emerging third world Countries, some with populations of a billion people or so. Their growth is unchecked, and sooner or later this will spell trouble, and that will be when their burgeoning populations decide to claim their share of resources, which will happen, sure as god made little green apples. Nations have gone to War over less. There is one other resource that nations will be prepared to fight over and that’s water. It’s a bit ironic to tell an Australian this, while many parts of their Continent are in flood. But they are an attractive destination with their large empty spaces


Some parched nations in the future will be prepared to help themselves from those who they see living in a land of plenty. Only sixty years ago Hitler invaded France, Belgium, Holland, Norway just to feed his War Machine, and he didn’t give a toss about any other Nation’s sovereignty, or for that matter what the rest of the world thought about his aggressive move.


We live in interesting times, this world of ours has many surprises ahead for us, and we will not be able to do anything about it.