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I heard tonight a further report regarding the progress on the eviction of three female Maori Tenants from their State Homes. This was brought about by their reported misbehaviour and conduct which was bad, so bad that the Housing Corporation was forced to take action. Goodness me, I thought this affair, which according to the media started over two years ago and it was well and truly over. It’s seems to have gone on forever. How much longer is this ‘argy bargy’ which involves Gang members, who are the part of the problem, is going to be allowed to continue? It would seem too as reported, that the gang members are more than close friends of the tenants, who by this association, it would seem that they have been intimidating all other tenants, and making their lives a misery. These tenants in turn are pressuring the Corporation to correct the situation


By their action of getting a court order, the Corporation thought they had the situation under control, when they were given permission to evict. But they didn’t count on the series of appeals and hearings brought about by the women’s legal representatives. These lawyers have succeeded in delaying their eviction for some two years or more, and in my mind, by doing so, have now brought the Law itself into disrepute. This is not Justice as I know it. It has turned what was a clear case of domestic nuisance, into a three ring circus. I imagine their legal team are sitting back congratulating themselves, and thinking how clever they are. But from where I stand, and if they were to ask any man in the street, just what they thought of these legal manoeuvres. They would soon tell them by prolonging this matter, they are not smart, not even a little clever, but only showing that the Law is an ass by even to allow this carry-on. This is not how these disputes are meant to be resolved. I’m not that well versed in law, or the games that lawyers play. But in this case I hope we are not paying for all these series of rehearing, and appeals, by picking up the tab from a legal aid grant. That would be too much. This whole situation must be getting close now, to turning it all into a farce, and that the women in question being declared a vexatious litigants.


This situation I was alluding to is when I wrote in an earlier letter about the redevelopment of Christchurch, and to avoid high density housing, when a small minority can control areas in spite what the authority and their neighbours would want.


We live with one section of our community who now seem to want to deface, or despoil any sign, or clear painted space, with their graffiti. What can we do about it? Well the most obvious solution would be to tax the spray paint about four times it’s actual cost, then use this money to restore the the defaced signs and property. I find it so annoying to look at every other sign defaced, as you drive into town all smeared with white or black paint,



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