It has happened at last, I suppose it was inevitable that sooner or later someone would find Osama bin Laden and have him terminated. What hatred this man harboured against the Western World. What’s more, how was he able to coerce his followers, to hijack several commercial aircraft all at the same time, then fly them into the Twin Towers in New York. Immediately the people working, and visiting these two Skyscrapers were doomed, with no possible escape. This act as intended resulted in killing of some thousands of innocent people, plus those occupying the planes, by this senseless and deliberate act, and as well as sacrificing their own lives. This party of terrorists in their minds became instant martyrs, In my opinion I’m sure that on their arrival in paradise would have been a disappointment, by not being greeted by some 72 virgins. If paradise was where they intended to end up. It puzzles me too, how their woman folk allow them to get away with these denigrating beliefs towards them. How do you convince such a large group into carrying out such a collective heinous act, and at the same time not include yourself?

The price he had on his head some $30 million dollars made a tempting reward, and ensured that someone one day would weaken and betray him. Many would betray their own father or mother for that kind of money.

What drives these people that they are prepared to take such extreme action. For sure they must be control freaks, and really what’s their ultimate aim? For any Cult or Sect, or whatever name they are given, is it to take over and convert us, to their way of life, or acceptance of their religion by either force or terror. If that’s what they are trying to achieve. The circumstances too have to be just right for them to succeed. In the case of Hitler, he made no secret of his aims and ambitions. He even wrote a book setting them all out. However at the time Germany was in a very poor state economically, endeavouring to meet the extremely harsh repatriations being demanded from them by their former enemy’s, the Allied Nations. As well the German population were largely unemployed, and hungry, more than ready to blame, someone or anyone else, for their predicament. The Jews and Gypsies at the time seemed to be the perfect choice. At any other time, common sense would have prevailed, and his rantings would have been ignored.

Where does the hatred of America by the Arabian Nations come from? I really have no idea? Their media pours out a constant stream of poisonous comment, and ‘bad mouths anything and everything about the Western Culture..But strangely they are happy to buy and even depend on the use of the Western technology, computers, aircraft, motor vehicles, medicine, GPS Systems, weapons of war, ignoring the fact that all was manufactured and provided by the ‘Great Satan, as they call it. Yet Americans as far as religion goes, would be as every bit as strict as any Arab in their observance and respect to their religious beliefs.

The Arab Nations and especially the Palestinians have been squabbling over the ownership Holy Land with the current claimants of the Israeli Nation, for some for two thousand years. Each race has been capable of employing terrorism, and even carrying terrorist acts against one other. However If they employed half as much effort to finding a peaceful solution as they do to make war, I’m sure their troubles would soon be over.

If you think by the removal of this master terrorist will end terror as we know it . Think again. we will never be free of this curse we will always have some trying to get their way to power by force if necessary.

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