More After shocks



Last night we had had another couple of ‘after shocks’ around 4.5. I can’t say I’m getting used to them, we should be after some 600 or more. To be frank it’s effecting our general well being, I know in my case, I’m getting very jumpy, and I’m now finding it difficult to get a good nights sleep. We have been lucky, and so far, and have had little damage to our home, mainly glass and items that have fallen from shelves and cupboards to destroy themselves in a sticky mess. possibly helped by the fact we were sitting on the right kind of ground. Many have lost their homes which were completely destroyed. Many too have had no sewerage since the quake, and won’t for some time. They have been reduced to using ‘Port a Loo’ that has been placed in their garden. What they don’t realise that this was the norm back when I was small. Many towns then didn’t have the luxury of flush toilets or sewerage. This important function was carried out by the ‘Night Man’ who called on a weekly basis and swapped the Night Soil containers. Here today the owners are demanding the Council to ‘Do Something’, but it’s not the Councils fault that the sewerage drains are fractured beyond repair, and will require replacing something that will take months.


For some it’s a double disaster, their homes are badly damaged and as they have neglected to take out any Insurance, for them it’s a double whammy. The ‘Earth Quake and war Damage’ payments are linked to their Insurance Policy. If your home is not Insured for, fire and flood, then you are not covered for the QWD either, as a small part of you premium is paid to the EQW, and this in turn is invested for the ‘Big One’. According to the newspaper today, some 5,000 are in this situation. ‘Can’t afford’, is the main excuse, but I don’t believe this story, they can afford most of the other good things in life that everyone expects to have today, so it’s a matter of priority. Even those on a benefit. Some too have no idea about cash management, after doing a stint of volunteering for budgeting assistance, I was able to see first hand about how some folk set their priorities and what they considered impossible to live without. Many are so used to being spoon fed, and armed with the knowledge, that someone will rush in to help. A good dollop of commonsense is all that’s required. I wonder sometimes what exactly do they teach at schools these days. Nothing it would seem about the preparation for life. I wouldn’t expect too much from the bolshie mob of teachers I saw demonstrating on TV. What a bad tempered lot this is. Further it’s the same group we trust our children with, expecting them to be educated. Under paid well that’s nonsense too. Do they not know what the average wage is today? It’s about half of the $70,000 they earn. Headmasters start around $150,000 and these people, have a list of 40 further demands. The Government these days is actually borrowing ‘off shore’ to pay them.




You may have gained the opinion with that outburst that I don’t like teachers. Well you are half right, I don’t like some teachers, especially those who were involved and had set up my son to fail. He apparently was having difficulty with his reading. His teacher’s solution was to give up, with about thirty other pupils turn them out of the classrooms and to keep them busy had them tending school’s gardens. Not for a moment did it enter this ‘numb skull’ that the time had arrived to advise the parents and his superiors. When we took our lad to the Otago University to discover what the problem was with his learning difficulties, only to be told very little, he couldn’t read. We were given a list of remedial reading, but when his teacher was told what had transpired. He flew into a rage for going over his head. Give this so called teacher more money? Not a bit of it, the problem is that the profession now is riddled with these people who are teachers in name only, being carried along by the excellent people in the profession. We need some way to seek out and measure their performance to see if we can rid ourselves of these misfits, who are in positions to do so much harm to our children.


To end this letter on a positive note. I have been astounded by the support and help we have been offered. Work and Income, Mercury Energy, RSA, Neighbours. All were thanked, saying we are under control, now that all services are restored, but extremely grateful for their concern. However the experience was no fun, especially when you are alone.


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