Muck Raking


I seldom watch the Television News these days. The ability of the current news teams to blow any small incident into a major affair, together with their muck racking making, turn many times their ‘scoops’ which are really small incidents, into what they deem to call, ‘Headline News’. This practice annoys me so much I’m turned off. Give this tribe of so called news makers, a wounded politician, or perhaps someone else with a high profile, these awful people set out to systematically destroy them. No quarter is ever given. I liken this group to savage, pack animals, snapping at their heels of their victims day and night. I am also very surprised that their victims even want to talk to them. They should realise that when you are in a hole, for goodness sake stop digging. One result that often does happen, it actually thrusts some of the their victims, people I have previously heard very little of, right into the spotlight. Especially some of our parliamentary back bench folk. The people who gave them their name. ’The Gutter Press’ really got it right.


Everybody has done things in their youth that they would like to forget. I was snatched up during the war  by the Military while I was still a boy, so I really did a lot of my growing up in the services, and didn’t have any opportunity to do much wrong. However, if you have lived in an University Town, you would know also how that Judges over the years have treated many students brought before them very leniently. Even discharging them without conviction for many of their misdemeanours. The reason given that in many cases, it might effected their future. I think this attitude is grossly unfair. And if you were wondering where some of our maverick legal people come from, now you know. When you weigh this kind of lenient attitude against ordinary folk, it doesn’t add up. Say, if you were an Apprentice Carpenter, indicted for the same misdemeanour, you need not think that you will receive the same treatment. Strangely this dispensation doesn’t apply to you. The system in my opinion is grossly unfair.


Now we have the recent case of Garrett the politician, caught using the identity of a deceased child to obtain a false Passport back in 1984. He must been reading Federick Forsyth’s, ‘The Day of The Jackal’, as this was part of the plot. He never used the passport for any purpose and in due course it expired, but when he was exposed, the Courts gave him name suppression, and discharged him without conviction. So they didn’t regard the act in the same light as the journalists now seem to. He also had a $10 fine relating to an incident in Tonga. Hells Bells, I thought everyone over their lifetime had racked up at least one $10 fine. Many people today steal identities and immediately set about using it by racking up huge debts in their victims name. That in my mind is a real crime. Especially now with the use of credit cards. Should this happen to you, it can mean a great deal of hardship expense and mayhem in your life.


The one area that I was guilty of bad behaviour and would now like to change if I could. That was the selection of a mate from the opposite sex. When one in my estimation didn’t measure up, I just moved on, with not so much as a by your leave. If it makes any difference now I’m truly ashamed of my behaviour. Before you get your knickers in a twist about my conduct, the females in my youth were just as bad. Most adolescents as a group are an unfeeling lot, and couldn’t give a toss about anyone’s feelings. One girl who I thought was the love of my life sent me a ‘Dear John Letter’ when I was overseas, to say she was pregnant, and getting married. Another sounded exactly like her aunt, in telling me that she wanted to time to think about the continuing of our relationship All in all and given the advantage of hindsight, I think now in that case, and some others I had a lucky escape. In case you were wondering, the young lady who wanted to think it over. In time she wrote a letter to say she had changed her mind, and wanted to be reinstated. Too late, I had taken her advice, and was doing the same.







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