Politicians, like them or hate them, we need them. But what a strange breed they are. They all seem to have egos larger than anyone else on this earth. And don’t forget as a group, they are the law makers of our country. However it would seem that they have great difficulty themselves in obeying laws, or even determining what’s right from wrong. All have been issued with credit cards for use when on official business. However temptation always seems to get the better of them. Many too have yielded to temptation and have been caught using their cards for personal transactions. Why am I talking this way? Well in the last few months we have so many incidents of the worst behaviour of misfeasance which always in the past has just been brushed under the carpet with the remarks, ‘Perhaps the card holder became confused, by which card to use’. Maybe I’m a cynic, but I suspect that, from what has been exposed, and I’m sue it’s only the more blatant misuse of their cards. My opinion is, that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s strange that they never seem to use their own card in any of these mix ups.


For years we have had to listen to the carping of how hard they are worked. How they have so little time to enjoy any private life. Further more, they can’t wait for the day to arrive to free them from this onerous lifestyle. But do they ever leave? Not on your Nellie. They do, but only when their fingers are prised off the controls, or they done something so bad that even their own party disowns them. Then you can hear the weeping and wailing from one end of the country to the other. They want back to enjoy all the perks politicians wallow in. For a long time they enjoyed free travel on Rail. The Government back then, actually owned the system. When they sold the Rail System, they then transferred their ‘free bee’s’ over to the Air Lines which they didn’t own. Not only for attending parliamentary sessions, but to include holiday junkets as well. Makes you wonder, when some of these misfits are actually in control and running our country. Now with the MMP system we now find that it’s extremely difficult to even rid ourselves of them, even when they fall out favour. Vote them off from a seat that they had come to regard as theirs for perpetuity, so help me, then they turn up again as an listed member. We had a case this week with a List Member issued and leaked to the Press, eighty two pages of various complaints against the conduct of her Party leader. Seeing that she belongs only to a minority party, and came into her position of power because the leader managed to get himself elected as a member of the ACT Party for Epsom. With his success, he trailed in some six or so ‘List Members’ into Parliament. In my opinion, someone unhappy as she seems with the management of her Party, especially so taking into account her tenuous position, she should just get up and go. They count for nothing when on their own. But to have the gall to leak their displeasured to the Press is unforgivable. Our Press thrives on dissent, in fact any dissent, they are also very good at blowing small incidents out of all proportion into something in their opinion they call ‘news’.


Recently too we have a member of the Labour Party who was also upset about his leader’s standing in the Polls. Worried that he was the wrong man to lead them back to the treasury benches again, so he too leaked a long note of his concern to the Press. Perhaps he was correct in his assumption, but chose the wrong method to express his concern. He was also more than a little piqued over a reprimand he had been given over his excessive travel, and decided at the same time, to show his displeasure at his censure. His travel on examination was over the top, and it seemed, he only returned to new Zealand to do his washing, before starting out again. The Labour Party have not performed well in opposition. They are of the opinion that smearing the ruling party on each and every occasion is the way ahead, but any student of Political Science could tell them it’s not the way to win. Also an ex National Party member who worked for an outside Charitable agencies. He double dipped by picking up his ‘free bee’ travel perks and charged the charitable agency as well. Very naughty.


In case you were wondering that the above has taken place over several years. No, all of the above bad behaviour has taken place recently, it’s just a vignette of the past two months of misfeasance that has been uncovered. The past which would contain much more, I suppose it’s now dead and buried. I would imagine too that it will remain so, forgotten.



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