My Love Life

Now that I’m old and I have time to reflect on what might have been. I’m Pleased on many occasions that I took a wise saying to my heart. ‘It’s better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all.’ I know, and I always knew that I was no Prince Charming, and should the young maiden I was chatting up be looking for a tall dark hansom stranger. Well, I was disqualified right at the start, I’m short and of a slight build. Certainly not gifted physically in anyway. So like it or like it not, mostly it was the case of Love and lost. I also knew, that it a fact that a girl had to kiss a lot of frogs before she found her Prince Charming. I could have been on occasions been by regarded by many as belonging to the frog group.

Of course even a frog has to know what he is looking for in his search for a partner. It was also said, ‘If you want to know what your girl friend will look like in fifty years time, have a hard look at her mother’. The world is not short of other parables, ’An apple never falls far from the tree.’

During the war there was a joke, and a song directed to our serviceman overseas. ‘Dear John.’ I’m returning your photo, as I have married your brother.’ For many it was only too true and very hurtful. Many broken hearts as a result of receiving such a letter, especially when you were on the other side of the world, and unable to do anything about the situation. The War went on for five years which is a long time to be parted from a loved one. Even I suffered this rejection. Thank goodness I wasn’t engaged, married, or had a young family to take into consideration. At least the young lady had good manners to advise that she had found and married another. The fact that she mentioned that she was now pregnant was beside the point. However this story has an ironic twist as thirty years later I became good friends with her son not knowing then who his mother was. I never told him of my earlier alliance.

On reading the above you could come to believe that I was a total looser. Not so, there was still an army of young women out there who made their intentions loud and clear. And they too wanted a mate, and they wanted one now! As anyone with any sense would want to know what they were getting into and hold back. I suppose too everyone had a check list. Personal Grooming and personal hygiene. Diet, how do they eat? Do they live on a diet of nuts and raw food. Perhaps even a Vegan? Are they control freaks? I Once had a beautiful girl friend and I was appalled by the way she treated her family. It wasn’t hard to extrapolate five years on, and then it would be you on the receiving end of her bad temper. Well this list could go on and on, but really you are only looking for a balanced person, common sense will help you to find the perfect partner who is prepared to love you. However regardless of all of the above, you still need a very large dollop of Good Luck.

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