John Key

Our Prime Minister John Key is having bad time with the Press. The left leaning reporters never miss an opportunity to discredit him, Currently they are having a field day with one of his recent utterances. They have built up their campaign up from very little, managing to turn it into a media storm. The light hearted remark sounded to me that it was meant as joke, which could be taken two ways. That’s providing you are educated enough to work it out. However, even though it concerns them, the Maori folk are treading very lightly around this controversy. Further more, they would like to have any reference to the dark side of their past, put well and truly behind them.

The Maoris have been busy rewriting their History for a long time, always trying to portray their past is squeaky clean. They wished that in early New Zealand when the Europeans initially arrived, they lived in splendid isolation, that they were known as the ‘Friendly Isles’. Further more, if we played by their rules taking into account the kind of treatment they meted out to other tribes. In particular the Moriori’s at the Chatham’s, as an example. The Maoris from the Wellington Area, on the hunt for more land, came across these owners of the Chatham’s Islands, a peaceful tribe. Why not take advantage of their demeanour, slaughter them all? These inhabitants at the time numbered some 2,000 more or less, They were all clubbed to death, if you were wondering this is not ancient history, but in the mid 1800’s. This policy of helping yourself by taking other folks land, at the same time suppressing any retribution by genocide, appears was their idea of fair play. It was also reported at the time, that some of these unfortunate people as survivors, were actually eaten, or enslaved. These aggressive Maoris are the same people who are today still seeking redress for purported actions and behaviour of our early white settlers, even after some two hundred years. This is in spite of receiving many benefits, pensions, plus large lump sums of money, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars to settle any grievance. The word ‘enough’, apparently is not in their vocabulary

I heard another story this week where one Maori woman activist, was causing a ruckus, seeking the return of several Maori shrunken heads from the French, and other European Museums. Rather naive of this woman. Many of these heads had a Moko tattooed on them, which they sold for a better price. Once some of these scoundrels who sold these artefacts knew there was a market for these grizzly items, they were quick to take advantage of this opportunity by producing same. Is this the action of these people who today say they revere their ancestors? Of course it wasn’t. No, the heads didn’t belong to some great chief of their clan or an adjoining tribe. Just some poor slave kept for that particular purpose, and to supply shrunken head market. And you want one with a Moko? That will be extra because of it’s uniqueness, but we can supply. If you believe what this woman is saying about her ancestors, you are just as gullible as the original purchasers. If we had had the Auckland bridge at that time, they would have sold that too.

All this took place in the middle of negotiations to hand over the ownership of the Urewera National Park. The Prime Minister stopped in full stride, immediately broke off all talks. For certain he had received a message from the Nation. That this move was going a step too far. It will be interesting to see what is to happen with the Coastal and Sea Bed claims which are on the back burner. I personally believe that all public lands, as well as the sea shore, belong to all New Zealanders, and shouldn’t be part of any negotiations. If John Key was wishing for a second term, he should step very warily with this claim also. We have no need to feel guilty over our forbearers conduct. For a start we have doubled their life span from 35 years, taken them away from their miserable existence, that they endured earlier. As well today they have the benefit of roads, bridges, good housing, and a infrastructure that’s second to none. As well, should they wish to take advantage an education and a written language which they never had before.

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