Mayoral Elections


There is a lot of interest in our coming Mayoral Election. Sir Kerry Burke is desperately looking for a home after being ousted as chairman of Environment, Canterbury. That was a sweet berth for those in charge well paid and plenty of ‘Perks’ related to the job. But his handling of that position didn’t do him any credit. In the last few months there was a lot of ‘in fighting’ with his Board, as a result he was voted off as Chairman, being replaced by councillor Neill. As you would expect, this Board attracts a lot of people who are Green oriented in their thinking, plus a strong Farmers input who are interested in getting their share of the available water. I saw their policies in action recently when Brian Harvey called to say he had purchased a Pellet heater. I inquired, ‘Had he obtained a permit’?. This is in spite of the fact that ‘Ecan.’ actually recommend Pellet Heaters. He immediately rang from here and was told by the employee who seemed to have an agenda of her own. ‘Sorry’, ‘These heaters are not allowed to be used where you live’. I too was annoyed when I purchased my unit, being stung several hundred dollars for a permit for something that they approved, plus another $160 from the Christchurch Council who were also double dipping it seemed, they got into the act as well, clipped my ticket ordering the replacement of my smoke detectors which were only one month old. ‘Ecan’ hadn’t finished with me either, another $35 to find out if I had actually installed the fire. Brian by the way had his permit in a couple of hours, once the store who sold the unit got into the picture. The situation is academic now as the Government has acted on their past bad performance, replacing the Chairman and Councillors with commissioners. I think they got the wrong target. The real villains, are the various managers, and some of the green employees. There are 500 employees all told, it’s surprising what mischief some of these folk can get up to, when they are busy empire building, and creating new departments if all the stories I’m told are true.


Anyhow back to the mayoralty election. Christchurch District seems always to have voted Labour, right down to their local body elections. This is reflected in the Councils Social Policies. We now have the largest number of cheap rental houses of any Borough in New Zealand. I pay $60 a week for my rates, which is starting to look like a rent. I’m not happy about ‘Bank Rolling’ a Council who wish to embark on enterprises that should be the domain of Central Government. I feel Councils should stick to their knitting, not embarking on ‘Do Good’ Social Policies. Recently our new Council for this current term, which for some reason didn’t manage a Labour majority. They actually had the audacity, (My Word) to proposed a small increase in rent to assist with the maintenance of these Council Flats. No way, would the tenants wear this, they expected the ratepayers again, to dip into their pockets and come up with these funds. With the assistance of some left leaning legal help, they went to the Courts and have obtained a delay. If you were wondering? No they don’t pay anywhere near market rents


I say Labour because that’s what they call themselves, but today’s labour is nothing like what it started out as in the days of Nash, Peter Fraser, Semple, Savage, McMillan, Nordmeyer and Webb. The Party has changed so much that the aforementioned founders of the Labour party would regard today’s lot, as a bunch of rabid Tories.


Which brings me back to our Mayoralty election. Jim Anderton the politician is also eying the Mayoral robes, as well as well as a Dr Woods. She is also an aspiring Labour politician, but so far hasn’t managed to get her self elected to any office. But she will be so long as we retain the ‘List’ system. Surely these mayoral candidates will sort themselves out before election day, or the Labour hopefuls will split the vote, allowing Bob Parker to slide in. If Anderton gets in, it will be an interesting period. As someone said, he believes in democracy, so long as you agree with him in all matters.


Bob Parker the incumbent Mayor is the same TV personality they fronted for, ‘This is your Life’ and ‘The farmer of the Year.’ In my eyes he has done a good job. He has been criticised for not disclosing details up front of some of the Councils multi million dollar deals they were involved in, especially property. I would have done much the same when dealing with big money, as not everyone plays by the rules.





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