Police Chase

Every other day we view on our TV screens, News Reporters, all with bated breath, telling us about some ‘Ferals’ who have stolen a vehicle, and has been the subject of an exciting ‘illegal’ pursuit by the police. How wrong the police action is. Should this chase result in an accident and some perpetrators get hurt all hell breaks forth.(Further more, they never seem to want to use their own vehicles for these capers). Perhaps they have carried out some naughty mischief with a vehicle (stolen), or fleeing from a robbery which has initiated Police attention. As in the past, the resulting chase has ended with someone being killed, or maybe just maimed, when the police went into their ‘Hot Pursuit’ Scenario. You are not allowed to do this in New Zealand, according to the ‘Political Correct’ popular opinion.


The bandits are very well aware of this ruling, and are playing on our current system of rules. They know that the Head Office will call off the chase, sooner, rather than later, under the pretext, that the public are being endangered. Worse, the political ‘fall out’ is against any Police action. When the Bad Guys are killed or injured, it’s suddenly all turned around, and now it’s now the fault of the police. Who dreamt up this nonsense? Possibly some defence lawyer who senses that he can bring an action for a financial compensation. And of course from which, he will skim a sizeable fee. What a lot of nonsense. They by these acts of stupidity, they have endangered all other road users, with them not being followed they possibly stand a good chance of getting away with their senseless act. As well, be around to do it all again another day. If caught, they then have the gall to make capital out of their action, blaming the Police pursuit, aided of course by the media, and the bleeding heart brigade all looking for compensation. My attitude is that the Police should chase them until they are run into the ground, and are caught. Should they loose control, and are killed, too bad, they should have stopped when they first heard the siren and saw the flashing lights.


In case you are thinking I’m alone with my attitude. I’m not, most other countries will mount an orchestrated pursuit to catch these law breakers. Some even have set up special units and cars for just this purpose.



I don’t know who dreamt up these biased rules in New Zealand. But they all seem to be slanted in favour of the criminal. I read the other day where a chap had some sixteen convictions for driving while drunk. It begs the question, ‘What’s he doing out of jail, still driving around endangering other road users?’ As well, when he comes before the court his previous convictions are then hidden from the Jury and court. There is some very bent logic at work here. It’s not fair they cry, to disclose their ‘previous’. I afraid I see it completely different, and from the other side. Their ‘previous’ should they have one, should be allowed, and displayed. If it’s a matter of public record, it must be available to all concerned, and on the table.


Another thing that annoys me, and that is the constant suppression of their names. This is too freely given by a weak judiciary, this really is part of the penalty, of being named and shamed, for goodness sake. Two weeks suspension of publication of a name so the ‘perp’s’ can advise his family. Where do they live, on the moon?


While we are on the case for concessions, parole seems to be given as of a right. Too many people have been granted this facility, some have then continued to carry on with their criminal behaviour while out on the streets. Even in a couple of cases they have committed Murder. Why not, it’s their chosen way of life.


I touched on the defence of these criminals, too many lawyers are making large sums of money from this scheme, millions in fact. It’s now time to do away with this scheme and set up a Public Defender’s Office. It’s not new, it what’s available in most other countries. Well that’s enough of my ranting for this week.



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