In town the other day in town I was confronted by a couple of Muslim Women, (I can only assume they were Muslim Women) as they were covered head to toe by a heavy grey gowns. To see out of this draped covering, there was a small lattice for the eyes, and a similar device for the mouth or nose, but breathing must still have been difficult. Where do these people come from? For all the world one looked like she was related to ‘Darth Vader’ in grey from Star Wars. Anyway, are they part of immigration’s department new asylum seekers intake? If they expect these people to integrate with New Zealand’s average citizen, they have another think coming. I can assure you that this will never happen in a hundred years. They have brought along with them the worst aspects and trappings of their former life, probably even what they were escaping from. We are used to seeing more common and modest display of deference to Allah here from many of women of Arabian countries. All wearing a head covering or scarf, sometimes, as well a small veil draped and covering their mouth and lips, when on our daily excursions into the outdoors. Many of these would be students, as there are several hundred of these and would encompass most Asian groups.


I suppose we too have forms of extreme religious display nearer to home. On leaving the Super Market the other day I was confronted by some young folk, parked in a ‘disability park’, close to the entrance where they could attract maximum attention. Their only disability in my mind, was in their head. They had badly painted their car a stark white, possibly with a six inch brush. Then they painted all over it, religious messages at least a foot high, in an iridescent green paint, ‘Jesus Lives’ ‘God is great’. Further, our regular door knockers are at it again too. I had another taste with a visit from eight or nine folk this week, all trying to sell/give, me a copy of their Watchtower magazine. I’m not sure if their effort is to make them feel good, or just to save me. I was polite to them, but handed out my message that I wasn’t interested in any doorstep evangelism.


Our immigration Department seem to have a very ambivalent attitude towards new arrivals these days, and their various religions, and the restrictions of how it is applied to their women. My thoughts are that we are only making trouble for ourselves in the future by this attitude and from past experience, they tend to live in enclaves. More annoying and dangerous, is the fact that they are not being screened for diseases that are endemic in their former home Countries. Most of these diseases were brought under control here a long time ago, and we have forgotten that they are still rampant in other parts of the world, and just how dangerous some are. Tuberculosis is one that has popped up again, and it is being traced to recent immigrants, and in a more virulent form too. It’s so long ago that we worried about this disease that all our Sanatoriums have now been closed, or have been moth balled.


I have been interested in the figures just released from the recent census of the ethnic grouping regarding Auckland’s plan to weld it into a Super City. The ‘Tangata Whenua’ (Maoris) are badly loosing ground to Asians who are now the most populous group. What has happened to the Maoris? Well, many have crossed over and married into the European race and become ‘White’ by default, but they can’t have it both ways. By this I mean they can’t expect to be allocated three ‘Special’ seats they are demanding as of right.








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