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Fiji is in the news. They have just expelled our High Commissioner again! Naturally this move puts them out of step with our Government, and possibly a lot of the world’s too by staging their coup which was the cause of our dispute. Their problem is that the resident Indians now slightly outnumber the native Fijian. So any elected Fijian Government is going to have a slight bias towards the Indians. Are the Fiji internal problems solvable? I don’t think so under the present circumstances, and I wouldn’t want to come up with a solution, to keep all parties happy. It boils down to the aims and ambitions of two races, which are diverse as oil and water. Apart from the odd marriage, these people are alway going to remain separate entities, they have absolutely nothing in common, except they both want control of Fiji and their destiny. One way that might work, is to give the Indians 30% or 40% of the parliamentary seats in a separate vote. That would ensure that the Fijian always have the edge, but I wonder whether the outside world leaders would wear that. They should, as there many other examples today that are just as unfair, in fact some are down right unfair and not much has been said where in other Countries control over the years has been grabbed by the Military, kept in a tight fisted control with no promise to hold ‘Free Elections’ sometime in the future, yet we continue to have a relationship with them. In fact many of the various Governments we live in harmony with today, were not elected by a popular democratic vote. Various regimes have sized power either by coups, or a stealthy fiddle. Once in power they have no intention of relinquishing the slightest slither of any power sharing. Communistic countries make a great deal of fuss about their free elections, but more often than not, neglect to mention that there is only one candidate


Many are baying, ‘Stop the aid’, but this has already been done by New Zealand and the USA, both of whom have suspended their aid contributions. The US Embassy in NZ said in a statement, “The United States Law prohibits use of foreign funds to provide direct assistance to any country whose duly elected head of Government is deposed by a Military Coup or Decree.” I don’t know what the official position of New Zealand is apart from ‘Black Listing’ the Coup leaders from visiting New Zealand, as well as their immediate families and suspending aid. The Australian Government it seems, is still dithering over the Aid question.


The British Government with their meddling in other Countries affairs in years gone by, have caused a lot of grief around the world. After they packed their bags and departed, with a sorry we have to go now. Just get on with your lives and clean up any mess. Leaving various Countries and People after the damage was done, to sort out any problems large and small. These were the same people who brought in the Indians in the first place, a cheap pool of labour to harvest the Fijian Sugar cane. Goodness, they had some incompetent, and stupid people wandering the world during their heydays, meddling in everything, busy setting up these time bombs, then leaving it all behind, to sort itself out. The British Government was responsible for kicking out Ian Smith’s Government in Zimbabwe. They then had the choice of replacing him with either a zealot or a crook. They backed the wrong horse, picked a zealot, and gave the country to Mugabe, who immediately set about enforcing his communistic ideals. Is there anywhere in this world where Communism has worked? As a result, they allowed this idiot to ruin a wonderful country and dole out misery right left and centre. The British left us a mess in this country as well, with a botched up Treaty that no one is happy with. The Maoris signed it, or well some of them did, but it is in two parts Maori and English, which don’t match one another, and this would never stand any test in a court of law. As well, it’s full of a lot of vague conditions that today a lot of people would like to change. In spite of the claims from the Maori that ‘We was robbed’ they have as a race, done very well out of the treaty, and will continue to do so long as we allow it.


Unfortunately in our early days a lot of those in control came from the establishment, and were not necessarily chosen for their brains, but more from where they fitted into their station in life, and what school they attended. We even tolerated a large dose of Home Grown ‘Class’ here earlier, but the Second World War seems to have put paid to that





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  1. Colin Bishop says:

    Fijians (57%) outnumber Indians in the last census. There was a racially based electrol system in place that was used as one of the excuses for the current coup.