Car Lots and other Financial indicators

Driving into town and on our route, we pass three or four car yards. These it would seem are prime indicators of the business health in our community. Under normal trading conditions I suppose they act like the canaries in the coal mine. Up until recently they have been chock full of highly polished, gleaming vehicles, all giving out an air of prosperity. With well dressed salesmen strutting around. These lots are festooned with flags, and other gimmicks to attract your attention, possibly even lure you in. But seldom does their Stock (Cars) actually belong to the dealer. The owner in most cases is a finance Company, the trader pays only an daily interest to ‘own’ all the vehicles on display. Whenever there is a down turn, and people can’t meet their obligations, this business it would seem, is one of the first to go. Everything can vanish in the bat of an eye. It has happened recently in too many cases. I noticed yesterday, one very prominent and large yard was cleaned out overnight. Right down to the last piece of promotion material. Just like a School playground during the school holidays. Another one was full of cars one day, the very next day it was a ‘drive thru’ Coffee bar. In fact it looked as though it had always been a fixture there. Coffee bars are the ‘In Thing’ these days. There was a small Dairy, come Superette close to Princes Margaret Hospital. This one existed I suppose only by it’s proximity to the Hospital. Overnight they too became a Coffee Bar, and it’s proven to be very popular by the attendance of the café culture. We have noticed that every time we drive past, even late at night, it’s always packed with people. Aided and abetted I suppose by the Hospital Canteen which has gone ‘Healthy’. Healthy means that you just don’t get much choice, only what is deemed healthy food, there are no other choice. Some are finding out about this attitude too in schools, where it is being enforced by an Ministry edict. The pupils too are exercising their options, any nearby Diary is now enjoying a sudden unexpected boom in business, sadly some school canteens are having to close through lack of patronage.


In my last Post I mentioned limited showers and that is as bad as it gets. Not quite, the ‘Greens’ have another whammy up their sleeves. They would now like New Zealanders to limit the size of their families. One to reduce our footprint, and to make room for Islanders who will be forced to relocate and leave their islands when they are flooded. This is going to go down like a lead balloon with the Catholic Church. A pity who ever thought this one up didn’t think to mention it to the Pope. I can write their reply without waiting to hear the answer from the Vatican. Heaven forbid them ever getting into a position of power, maybe they have other surprises up their sleeves that we don’t know about.


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