Carbon Credits

I’m very puzzled over Carbon credits and the trading of same. I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of people out there, that are confused as I am. It bothers me to see, one of the trading exchanges is going to be located in Chicago. Is this exchange going to run by the same clowns that have nearly destroyed our monetary system? I imagine so, as a lot of them now will be unemployed. The Banking system in America has been run, or mainly based on the creation of Debt, aided it would seem by some very creative accounting. It’s a pity that the people in charge didn’t have a little common sense as well. But there had to be a day of reckoning with this kind of lending, which is dangerous, and poised to fail. It would seem that day has arrived. Like it or like it not, everyone is going to effected to some degree by this financial meltdown.


We have three or four developing countries in which the burning of fossilised fuel and pollution is so bad, that they can no longer see the sun. Where do they fit into this world of buying and selling of carbon credits? And who is going to ask them to pay exorbitant sums into this trading scheme, and take care of their carbon footprint? I don’t think they will even want to listen. We in New Zealand have a very small footprint, whatever way you look at it. Most of our South Island is undeveloped forest, and we are not exactly standing on one another’s shoulders. So we should be producing a neutral image according to my calculations. However we seem to be under the thumb of zealots, who rightly or wrongly are going to save us, and the world. But we haven’t even yet got all of the world’s Scientists in accord, or lined up all the ducks. Some are of the opinion, that we are in a situation that unless we take immediate steps, the earth warming will continue, life as we know it will end, or it will be changed dramatically for the worse.

Others however, are saying. ‘Yes, there is a change taking place’. ‘But it’s all part of a natural phenomena that’s been an ongoing cycle for millions of years’. Nothing that’s happening now, has anything much to do with Man’s presence on earth. In the past, Nature has released many thousand times more carbon into the atmosphere by volcanic activity, the sky blanked out for years by asteroid strikes. The earth remarkably, has recovered from this, all on it’s own. I suppose to know our fate we will just have to await the results of the pending election. If we elect a significant number of ‘Greens’ we won’t have to await their projected uncomfortable future, they with their policies will inflict it on us immediately.


Politicians, especially the breed we keep on electing, are a weird bunch. They are now at the task of passing more legislation, this time restricting us to a two minute showers with reduced pressure. Not joking, this is true. I’m not really an extreme political animal, but I am being changed into one, and a very annoyed one as well. If they keep on bringing out these stupid laws that effect even the smallest pleasures we have in our life. Especially when we have an abundance of water in this country, plain stupid. You would think we lived in the Sahara desert. In fact, we even allow water to cascade and run off our roofs, down storm drains, whereupon the local Councils charge yet again, to pipe away this resource into the sea. In fact in the good old days, many large families lived entirely from collected ‘Tank’ water which they harvested and conserved without the need of any reticulation. Many joke about the ‘Nanny State’, but it’s true with their social laws recently passed, and others continuing to impact on our daily living. For instant, Just because we have a segment of our population that beat their kids to death, we now have laws that are so draconian that parents are no longer able to give their children a corrective slap. Does the anti-smacking law stop the beating kids to an inch of their lives? No, but what we are now stuck with, is a generation of out of control youth. Gradual introduction of policies that forbid any penalty on the young have resulted in. Uncontrollable kids at school. Uncontrollable youth roaming our streets at night, making a visit to a restaurant or theatre at night, one fraught with danger. And what does the State do about this situation? Why, they go after anyone who has the courage to strike back, when you are attacked by an knife wielding assailant. You can defend yourself but only using what is now deemed, ‘Reasonable force’. And what the hell is that, and how do you work that out in the heat of the moment when the ‘flight or fight’ adrenaline rush kicks in, triggered by looking at the wrong end of a knife. It seems to me the feral element of this country which we have created, is a protected species





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