Mark has just fitted a wireless router linking my computer, this now allows me to use my lap top anywhere in the house, outside too I suppose. However switching it on, I quickly noticed that there were three similar systems in the street, so they are popular, but these were all protected from a casual would be outside user, as now is mine. Mark did make the statement, when he installed his own system many years ago, It wasn’t important, or even necessary to put in a pass word protection, as there was very little to protect it from. Recently, it‘s all different and changed, his monthly usage Zoomed up to 10 Gigs. Which is expensive as it has to be paid for. He suspected that kids in the street were busy downloading movies, or something else from the Internet that was a high user of Broadband, and they were using his system, probably something they weren’t allowed to do at home.


There are the odd ‘Free’ sites in the town such as libraries, and the various coffee bars who are also offering a service. Barbara was telling me it was noticeable at the end of the day, watching workers returning home, stopping briefly outside a coffee bar, while holding a laptop to answer and download their mail. Then move off without buying any coffee. How these sites are going to cope with the new regulations? I have no idea, but I guess many will just withdraw their service as it won’t be prudent to remain on line. There is no way of policing the system to see what your customers are up to, so the need to avoid the fines for any illegal down loading that they may get up to. These penalties have yet to be struck, but are reported to be around $15,000.


All this brings me to what the Government is up to now with their new Copyright bill, that they are hell bent in passing. People who can’t control the sale of their material are complaining that their material is being illegally taken. I suspect also that this is the big players calling the shots. They have the remedy in their own hands. They can build in protection. For a start, I’m not in favour of this bill at all. It seems at an initial glance just too draconian. The penalties are far too severe, and there are thousands of kids who are going to be caught in a net, that is going to treat them as criminals for downloading Games, programmes movies, music that are sitting exposed on the Internet without any protection. Another anomaly is that that you don’t even need to down load material, even looking at it, is now going to be deemed a crime. I don’t condone the practice that once these items are down loaded, then passed around amongst their mates, in a file sharing operations.


They are never going to stop this without a lot of tears and grief. My feelings over this matter is that it’s the vendors responsibility They should build in their own product, protection. Or find another way to sell their product. So that down loading can’t be done unless it’s paid for first.


There are so many anomalies. One that quickly come to mind. Many folk down load American TV shows, which are legal to do if you live in America. And this material is freely available on the Internet, so it can easily be accessed in New Zealand as well. But this for us is now deemed illegal, as this material hasn’t been purchased by New Zealand. How you are expected to know all these exceptions I don’t know. And further. I don’t think the politicians haven’t the slightest idea what will happen when they open this Pandora’s box. One thing I do know, is that they will make many of our young folk criminals for a victimise crime.


This bill will also encompass the copying DVD’s, but here in New Zealand this is largely under control. The sale of counterfeit Brand names such as Rolex Oyster watches, Gucci bags are not much of a problem here either, but sales are rampant in any other overseas country. Strangely it’s not a crime to buy a copy or fake, but it is a crime to sell the item. Just as well, as every New Zealander who has made a trip overseas, returns home proudly sporting a $10 Rolex fastened to their wrists.


How the Government was stupid enough to get sucked into the passing this bill into law defies belief, as it is going to be a very unpopular move and the public, once they get stung, will certainly be looking around for someone to vent their anger at.




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