Carbon Tax

There is nothing worse in this world, than a house full of elected politicians, all doing what they do best, dreaming of new ways of taxing the populace. Their latest effort, and the one that could prove to be the most expensive for us, and that’s the mooted ‘carbon tax’. Do I understand what’s it’ all about? My answer would have to be, a resounding no. Frankly I haven’t a clue what it’s all about . Half the time I don’t know what they are going on about, and the rest of the time they are talking down to me. They say it’s just because I ask stupid questions. There is too much talk about carbon tax, but as I see it you really need to believe in global warming. For me, you need more than that, it’s an act of faith. It all sounds very authoritarian, but it’s the money side of the equation, is what has me really worried.

For a start, not all the scientists are singing from the same song sheet either. If we assume that there is the need to impose the tax. But who get gets to play with all the money that’s going to be sloshing round once the tax becomes law. This is not peanuts, it’s going to be a sum equal to a King’s ransom. There will be a lot out there, who just can’t wait to get their snouts into the trough

The stupidity of it all, and you don’t have to be too bright to work it all out. For a start, we and Australia are both digging up coal and extracting oil as fast as we can. Which we then on sell to China and India, or for that matter anyone else who, has the money to buy it, Then of course, they burn it. However it must be different coal, because when they burn it, it’s suddenly quite acceptable. But over here we have holy than thou Green folk, all running around trying to stop us from burning any fossil fuel, we have dug up, which of course makes it different.

Yes coal maybe dirty, but it’ still the cheapest energy available, and the Green Movement who don’t want us to burn it here, but by their strange outlook, it’s OK for the folk we sell to, burn it. Suddenly then it’s acceptable. As well, they would like to restrict the little other carbon that we do burn, or use here. When our usage is compared it to the rest of the world, Our contribution is so small, you could say even insignificant, and you wonder all the fuss about . If all this makes sense to the Politicians, well it certainly doesn’t for me. In fact the whole concept is just barmy. As I see it, it’s all about one thing, and only one thing, and that’s money.

It’s even possibly to make a case for coal as an modern energy source. As today we now have the technology of how to burn coal cleanly. The Green movement would be against this also. They have high ideals, but unfortunately they carry in their membership, some fellow travellers whose ideas on how we should live and behave, are extreme. Had these folk been able to inflict their power, and control earlier in our evolution, we would have been lucky even to get out of our caves .

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