I’m still living with Beth and Roger and will be until my home is made liveable again. You may not know that I have had to move out of my home because of earthquake damage. Yet compared to what others have had to put up with, my damage is minimal. Our current generation has lived until this spate of earth quakes, the good life. They have lived in a time of plenty, and never had to front up and fight a War, or cope with being hungry, or a general depression with no work. What a rude wake up call mother nature has dealt them this time here in Christchurch.


With the continuing after shocks amounting to thousands, ( The newspaper reports 7,500 and counting) the damage is on going. What once were small cracks on my home’s brickwork, are now much bigger cracks. We have had several deadlines now, possibly seven or eight to report property damage. Don’t get me wrong, what we have experienced compared to what has happened to some here we have got off lightly. We still have water, power and sewerage. My home requires a little shoring up to make it safe to live in again. My only complaint is it would be nice, if the earthquake and War Damage people, would answer my letters, or even talk to me, or even give me a time frame of when they might call. At my age, I may never live see these people. It would seem that earthquake commission have bitten off more than they can chew. I’m starting to think, ‘Have we got the right people in charge?’


Anyway in my new life which has enabled me to increase my bonding with Beth and her family and enjoy the day to day living with a family again. A couple weeks ago, the grandson returned from school with a note. Kids today are the same as yesterday, they are always conveying to homes teacher’s notes. Some bring good news, and some bad. This note was neither, but only to advise that the School had an outbreak of head lice. Ugh!


As it turned out later, this was bad news. Schools have been a pool of lice infestation since I was a student, and probably a lot longer. As well back then, we didn’t have the aids to clean up after an attack we have now. There were a lot of ‘Granny’s’ remedies still in use back then, doing not an awful lot of good either, as well being a little rough on the patients. Nit combs, and such things as olive oil, kerosene, Lysol, were the main weapons of attack. My mother was at her wits end when our family all became infected. Because as fast as she cleared up our heads, we just as quickly became reinfected. In desperation, we were all packed off to our grandparents. They soon cleaned us up and rid us of the little ‘besties’.


However on our return home, we immediately became reinfected. We soon discovered that it was our baby sitter who was our families, ‘Typhoid Mary’. My parents both worked nights, so we always had a baby sitter. Having found the culprit we had no need to look for any other pool of infestation. My mother quickly took the young lady under her wing. She came from a very poor home that didn’t run to the luxury of an bathroom. Furthermore they didn’t even have running water inside their house. She later thanked my mother for what she taught her about basic personal hygiene.


However I digress, the other morning as grandson was departing for school. Pausing at the door Beth happened to look a little more closely at his head. To her horror she saw that he had a head full of lice. School was not for him that day. It was off to the medical centre and chemists.


I also looked on the Web for Head Lice, and found that there were pages and pages of cures. Some were strange. Like application of Mayonnaise, about 50 of these but it didn’t mention the brand. Listerine mouth wash, and the old standby, a nit comb. However they returned back from the chemists with about three bottles of different lotions, and a electronic nit comb, that zapped any and every louse it came in contact with. We will have to wait a little longer to find out if it’s as good as it’s accompanying burp said it would be.


Naturally Rhys was going to pass his infection around. So we all had to undergo an humiliating immediate close family inspection. Unfortunately Beth failed her inspection. She was going to attend a work dinner that night, and before departing plastered her hair down with a chemist’s recommendation. On arrival someone complimented her on her coiffure’. She didn’t try to lie to conceal the truth, but told the naked truth.


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