Visibility Vests


If there was ever a section of our traffic that has a death wish, for certain it’s our cyclists. I know I have written about this before, and their behaviour has not altered one iota. Now with winter weather and darkness coming earlier, in fact the cyclists too are part of the evening homeward rush. Would you believe, many haven’t even changed their dress mode and are still riding around in dark clothing, head down, bum up. Sometimes even two or three abreast.


They must also have a very powerful lobby too. Where else in the world would you find a council or local authority that builds at great cost a two lane highways running eachway. Then sets out and paints off a metre on so each side, turning it back into a single lane. This absolutely crazy, it must now be the most expensive highway in the world, and it’s not doing what it was designed for.,By default it’s now a dedicated cycle lane for the cyclists to practice their racing and anti social techniques, alongside the highway that cost millions. All this to give the occasional cyclist room to ride to work, hidden amongst these riders there are some who think they all involved in a ‘Southern Tour de France’ race. Note that I said, the occasional cyclist, that’s all that there is ever on the roads at any given time


Also many cyclists do not bother to wear high visibility clothing that’s available, it’s cheap too, all designed to make them highly visible, in the Winters bad and poor lighting conditions. This is all it takes to perhaps save their lives. As I said In the main they tend to wear normal street wear, when dressed in dark clothing it makes these riders ten times as hard to see.. Many carry no lights at all, and those that do, it’s only a token two candle power, flashing a red light under the saddle. High visibility or reflective clothing is a must, if only to give the motorist a sporting chance of spotting them, but this is only worn by the odd cyclist. Many however are more concerned to be seen to be wearing more fashionable clothing


We live on a large steep hill about three to four kilometres top to bottom. My cycling friends treat this too as a race track They hurtle down this road overtaking everything. I would estimate that their speed is around 80KPH. The day is not far off when I will be picking one who has misjudged his speed out of my radiator grill


Rod an Hills live in the Selwyn District, as do Roger and Beth. Being a farming district, most kids from this district are ‘Bus Kids’. A child out Rod’s way was killed by a passing motorist while alighting from a School Bus. His Grandfather then formed a trust to supply every Selwyn kid who rides on a bus, with a high visibility vest. It’s design is not unlike what you see the South American Indians wearing. A poncho I think it’s called. Simply an oblong of high visibility yellow material.. Hole in the middle for the head to pop through. Ties at the side and stripes of reflective material front and back. Normally a kid wouldn’t be seen dead in something like this, but seeing everyone is wearing one it’s not a problem. Granddads are of some use after all.


These days the centre of the city is full of high visibility vests and has been so for six months. Most belong to Civil Defence and initially their main task seemed to be keep people away from their businesses to protect them from getting hurt. In most cases I disagree with this stance. Most if not all people are naturally cautious, and they only want to retrieve vital components of their business. Keeping people out of the CBD may have worked well for Civil Defence, but they failed miserably when it came to keeping out thieves, who it would seem were able to wander at will around the rich pickings that were there to the taking. Civil Defence have moved on and now handed over control to CERA. Perhaps they are gifted with a little more common sense. Certainly they couldn’t be worse.


I wonder if if the area is so unsafe? If this is so why have they over the past months given a stream of celebrities, all decked out in high visibility vests and hard hats, guided tours through the worst hit areas? At the same time keeping the owners of the properties locked out.


Is it any wonder business folk from the CBD are annoyed,


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