Normal Service Resumed

Slowly our support services are returning to normal. Our Library’s branches are still dragging the chain, and there are some strange exceptions. Lyttleton and Akaroa so far are the only branches open, well that’s according to the Internet. I don’t know what’s the problem, but maybe their central computer system is down. But it’s four weeks since we were struck by the second large earthquake and time rolls on. Strange too as Lyttleton area was one of the hardest hit, and they are back on their feet, up and running, Akaroa is just too far to wander over for a book. But Lynn tells me the Bishopdale Branch is now open, which is great, as I pass by there daily. I do miss my reading, and the the Press News Paper is still catching up, and carries very little in the way of hard news. Today it seems to fill it’s pages with pictures.

One area that there much dissension locally, and that’s the tight control Civil Defence have over the whole of the earthquake scene, to even to a quick visitation to the Central Businesses ‘Red’ area. More to the point, the fate of some damaged buildings is completely out of the hands of the owners. Far to often, the arrival of the wreckers has been unheralded. To date some haven’t even been allowed to get near their property before it’s been destroyed by the seemingly cowboy element, saying it was too difficult to contact folk, which is complete and utter nonsense. Today the authorities say they are obsessed with safety, however the papers even reported this week, was the removal of a tree house some kids had constructed in case they fell. Yet we still allow motorists after some sixteen convictions for drunk driving, to continue driving on our highways, a real danger to one and all

It;s a month since the last large shake, and many owners say that’s too long to be sidelined out of their businesses. Many of the owners are at the end of their tether and had serious confrontation yesterday with the Army and Police. I think the political arm got the message and have promised a revised policy in future. What they have failed to understand that these businesses in some cases represent all they own in this world.

Not only are the patrons of the library service suffering. The Cities Gyms all seem to be closed as well, so the Gym Bunnies are all having withdrawal symptoms. Worst of all are those with swimming pools who have also suffered damage, however it’s not always the reason they have closed for some they have been taken over as refuge shelters, and some even as accommodation for out of town workers.

Came home day before yesterday to find included in the mail, a note from the earthquake commission, unsigned, undated, and not addressed to anyone in particular, for information it contained nothing but a tick in a box which was one of three choices. The one that was selected said, ‘House undamaged’, ‘We will re-inspected again in two to four months’. When I showed it Rod he said he was going to call them to inquire. ‘Did the inspector have a seeing eye dog’? Because he must have been blind to have missed the damage to the exterior brickwork, It’s extensive and is unsupported, and just hanging in space.

I had occasion to call the Bank again today regarding the issue of a cheque book. The current 240 one I’m currently using is now ten years old. I had sent in a postal request early January, and after a reasonable period even taking into account the September earthquake, gave the bank a call only to find there was no record of the application. After the February shake I called again to reorder and after some four weeks. No record of any application again. On this occasion I’m afraid I got a little terse. I don’t use many cheques these days, but do require a couple a month. On this occasion threatened to make my own. It’s not necessary to use the Bank’s printed forms, but certainly inconvenient for the Bank if I don’t. One thing I’m familiar with, and that’s the ‘Bills of Exchange act.’At one time I was the Head Ledger Keeper in a City Bank

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