Healthy Diet



This week the ‘Do Gooders’ of our world have a new target. They would like Dairies or Tuck Shops that are close to schools, sell only ‘Healthy’ food. Good idea you say, but kids of today don’t much like or want to eat ‘Healthy’ food. I can’t believe that the Tuck Shops are the main culprit that is creating our obese children. The diet that they have at home must also play a large part, if their jumbo sized parents are any indication. I can remember back to my youth, and how I looked forward to a visit to a tuck shop, which would you believe was located only twenty yards from my school. This treat would mainly be on a Monday. I would leave home early to catch my train transport, long before any baker arrived. So the only bread available for sandwiches had been baked on Friday, and was not exactly palatable unless toasted. The bakers of yesteryear didn’t bake bread over weekends, and my mother sometimes would give me sixpence to buy my lunch. This would alway be the same, a mutton pie four pence, and a sticky bun two pence, this with a slash in it’s middle which was filled with jam and mock cream. Was this healthy? No, I don’t think so. The pies all seemed to be to same. A hard pastry, with a layer of liquid fat over the mutton meat. You could eat these pies cold, but when hot, it was possible to bite the corner off the pie, and tip some liquid fat out. These pies still exist today. I recently saw their equivalent being sold as a ‘Mrs Macgregor’. I would also have liked a sherbet drink for another penny, but I couldn’t stretch my funds that far.


Should they get their way, (that’s the ‘healthy eating’ folk). Just how do they intend to enforce the latest proposed edict? Will we have more ‘gum shoes’ joining the anti tobacco, anti liquor people, surreptitiously doing the rounds of Tuck Shops and Dairies and other outlets looking for sales of pies and fish and chips to the underage. Also looking to see if the offending items offered for sale are concealed, and no advertising is apparent. Already the young are fighting back, as there is now a thriving trade in counterfeit driving licences, and many other forms of identification, all designed to give the merchants, an incorrect proof of age.


I have noticed in some countries that most, if not all street food is deep fried in oil or fat. In America I have also observed this is the home of some of the worst offenders. They pay for this too, as they seem to have more than their fair share of grossly overweight people. Heaven forbid if you are flying, and these people are around and you should be unfortunate enough to get allocated a seat alongside one of these big people. Their first move once seated is to raise the arm rests. They can’t fit comfortably into what is deemed a normal seating space, and they would now like to spread and encroach into your space.


I have often wondered why the Airlines make such a fuss over the excess weight of a passenger’s baggage, but do nothing about ‘Over weight people’. Some Airlines calculate people as all one weight 180 lbs, and all bags 25 lbs. Flying in a 747 with many excess and incorrect weights is not a problem. But try this on a light regional aircraft and it could kill you.


And how are we going to persuade the young to accept Healthy food. Not well, we have bred an large section of our youth who have never been subjected to any discipline. They are able to get their hands on liquor which is supposedly tightly controlled. On a regular basis they binge drink and when mixed with a high powered motor vehicle is a ticket straight to a slab in the morgue.


Our young are protected from any physical punishment from an early age, but later all too many carry knives and are prepared to use them. Some how these leaders and citizens of our future have to be persuaded to accept responsibility and join the Human race. I’m sorry I won’t be around to see it



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