Three Strikes



A ‘Bill’ recently passed by Parliament, namely the ‘Three Strikes’ and you are out, well in this case not out, but in the ‘Slammer’. It has been one of the planks of the ACT Party, and probably the main reason why they were elected. The principal of this bill is. ‘Committing a serious crime for the third time, you will not receive the minimum penalty for your crime’ This it would seem has been the practice in the past, now you can expect the maximum. To reach this stage you are either a slow learner, or a habitual criminal. As I said, you can now expect to receive the full force of the law, as well you won’t be getting any second, third, or forth chance. As well there will be no meddling to the sentence by the Judiciary. Naturally there has been an outcry from the liberal side of our population, as well from the lawyers who make a living from our criminal’s activities, which is to be expected. But when you think about it, everyone who cares, wants these criminals off the streets. There has been an recent outcry by the populace to reinforce the thinking of the people over the sentencing by Justice Potter of a young villain. Only two years nine months what was in most minds an act akin to murder. The perpetrator knocked down a high achieving fellow Maori, then deliberately kicked him in the head resulting in the victim’s death. He had initially denied the charge of what he had done. until camera footage of the incident was shown to the court. The feral then changed his plea.


Many people today who live in the leafy suburbs, have a different attitude towards crime. There is not much criminal activity in their immediate area, the closest that some of these folk get to crime, is when read about it in their Newspaper or see a report on the TV news. Make a visit to some of Auckland’s Western suburbs, say Mangere, well there it’s different. There you will find all you want to know about criminal activity. Shop windows and doors, covered with strong roller doors and iron bars. That says it all. Everyone of our big cities have similar areas, but not on such a scale.


I know also that in Christchurch, the central zone bounded by the four Avenues, is deemed a high crime area. Some of the Insurance Companies even go so far as to impose a burglary levy on properties within this area. I know why too. Most of our thieves are a lazy bunch of petty criminals. They tend not to walk very far from the town centre where they hang out. As well they also know that there are a large number of empty flats within the stated boundary, their occupants are all away at work most week days. So there is easy money there for the picking. My daughter lived just outside this area, but she still wasn’t safe. Over a short period she was burgled four times. It’s not what they take, which is mostly small items, which are easily turned into money, cash, and cigarettes. Sometimes they do more damage by just breaking in. It would seem that’s it’s impossible to keep these vermin out, but they do respect alarms. They are a dangerous bunch too, it’s not a good scene should they become cornered. On one occasion my daughter discovered that they had opened her front door to give them another easy avenue of escape, as well, they had laid out some carving knives on the table as weapons, should they be required. Ringing the Police most times you don’t exactly get an immediately response. They are far too busy trying to catch speeding motorists. It’s hard to justify this time wasting allocation of resources. This work just as easy be done by a camera. The importance of your call depends on who has been burgled. if it’s you that’s been burgled of course it’s important, and you want a immediate response


Our Maori population is over represented in the criminal activities, their leaders and family are to blame. They are more interested in teaching their kids the Haka, which is ‘in you face aggression’. This group have a poor record in encouraging their children to take advantage of the education being offered, preferring to send them to full Maori ‘Emersion Schools’ which prepares them for failure, as there is no Maori spoken outside New Zealand, and very little within. They would be suitable to make notices for libraries and other public buildings, which infested with ‘notice’ information which nobody understands. They should take a leaf out of the Chinese book, this group ensure their children get the best start in life with every succeeding generation, ensuring that their children get a leg up, and the best chance of a good job in the future. Those Chinese who wish to speak Mandarin or Cantonese, classes are held outside school hours. Half the world speaks Chinese so it’s of very a practical use.










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