Today’s Youth

Today like it or like it not, we have degenerated into a very violent society, I’m sorry to say much of the offending is carried out by juveniles, as well, what is called young adults, and it’s getting worse. These brats respect no one, challenge and resist any attempt to curb their bad behaviour. In my mind it’s all directly attributable to the lenient attitude of our societies’ educators, and as well the people in charge of making our laws and policies. All of which have been in force since their birth. The ‘No Corporal Punishment’ and certainly the ‘No Smacking’ brigade, have a lot to answer for. I’m sorry to say, that their chickens are now coming home to roost. Our schools seem to be teaching a culture of questioning, many of the principals that we live by, and goes to make up what we call civilisation. We have also bred an army of lawyers, who pontificate and do their best to mitigate any infringement, which normally should be enforced by law, no matter how bad the deed. Further more, the educated people who know everything, and at this moment firmly believe that talking and negotiation, will solve all things. My initiation to this doctrine came in 1939 when the British Prime Minister returned from a meeting with the German leader, Hitler, clutching a piece of paper, saying to all other adherents to this nonsense, ‘Peace in our Time’. ‘Look!’ ,’This is What I have achieved by persuasion, and negotiation’. Well, peace anyway for the next couple of months. As they say if you don’t learn from History, you are going to be forced to repeat it. As far as I was concerned, at 18 years of age I was suddenly inducted into the New Zealand Army, somewhere I particularly didn’t wish to be.

Today nobody gives a damn about anything, no respect is given to those doing their best to enforce the law. The police are treated with contempt, more often than not, some of these ‘out of control people’ are young drunken louts, prepared to give it a go, some will actually take on and fight with the police. No one is going to tell them how to behave. They also know without fail, someone will come rushing to their defence, telling anyone prepared to listen, their ‘Rights’. We have on the sideline too, Politicians saying and legislating, that they know how we should be bringing up our children. You have to wonder about this as some of these folk don’t actually have children of their own. Further more, we must not think of arming the people who are in the front line, and at times that’s all that’s between us and straight out anarchy. What a lot of educated clap trap. Would these same people be prepared to front up, and assist the guy in the ‘Hot Seat’ out on the street unarmed? Further after a crime has been committed, it’s always the perpetrator that help comes rushing up to. The victim always seems to be sidelined. Who is he anyway, probably dead or in a Hospital?

Sometimes some of these criminals are straight out idiots, so stupid that at times that you just have to laugh at their antics. Today, as reported in the ‘Press’. A looser borrowed his brother in Law’s, ‘Hi Lux’. Went out into the City and stole a $18,000 boat and trailer. While leaving the scene of his crime, dropped his cigarette, while retrieving same, lost control, and crashed into a tree, rolling the truck. When the Police arrived, they discovered adding to his troubles that he was a disqualified driver. Further more, just to give him a really bad day, found he was over the limit for alcohol. It will be interesting to see how the justice Department will treat this man. Justice is remarkably tolerant at times, another law breaker this week, was in the dock for his twenty fifth conviction over the past twenty five years. Drunk in charge of a vehicle, and driving while his licence was suspended. What is wrong with the way we dispense justice?

How bad do you have to be, to get these people off our roads and endangering other road users? I’m actually having problems with Justice it’s self and some of the verdicts recently handed down. One that won’t go away was the conviction of Peter Ellis. I have read the two books written on his trial, I agree with both of the Author’s findings. His trial was likened to enactment of a fairy tale, some of the evidence just plain fantasy. Another was when David Bain charged with the Murder of his family. He managed for the weeks of the trial to say only two words, ‘Not Guilty’. His Lawyers from then on did all the talking. This is very strange Justice. How do you get a fair trial when the accused sits in silence and is never questioned. Finally the ‘peace nicks’ a trio who slashed the radio domes at Waihopai Blenheim causing one million dollars of damage. Guilty in my mind and possibly every other New Zealander apart from the Jury. This Jury found them ‘Not Guilty’. It would be interesting how and why they arrived at this decision.

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