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There is no doubt that New Zealand is in Financial trouble. You would think that our elected politicians who are not now occupying the treasurer benches would be offering their help, even to the stopping their political games. Perhaps, even suggesting the formation of a coalition Government, and to get behind a concerted recovery. Not so, no matter what is suggested, it is ridiculed. Whenever other parties can score a political point, they go for the jugular. The media is no help either, they seem to think that the situation is all one big joke, and only a worthy news source. They too are entering into the game being played by the opposition with the result that they are a constant pain in the Butt. Benefit fraud is rampant, some of our unemployed even position themselves in holiday resorts where there is no work. This means that their life style that they have adopted won’t be interrupted. I observed these useless twits when living in Queenstown. Many of the unemployed have positioned themselves handy to the ski fields, grouped together for economic reasons, rented palatial homes, and pursued their disgraceful chosen lifestyle.


We are told the Government is borrowing some Two Hundred and fifty million every week just to keep the Nation afloat. This is clearly unsustainable, and a sure path to an even more desperate situation. In fact we are living in an fools paradise, so everyone can carry on living beyond our means. As one method of aiding a recovery, it has been mooted that any minerals located in the Parks be investigated, if mining can be carried out without being too invasive, it should be looked at. The screams of rage from the Greens can be heard from all over the country. We have a problem here too. Many of the Greens have never really held down a proper job. Should a Financial crunch come, they will be the first to get sent down the road. Have they considered that, if this situation actually comes to pass? Then they can console themselves by sitting in their pristine forests admiring the view.


It would be in all their interests to take a look at what is happening in Ireland. Their situation is a little more advanced than ours. Their Banking system too has experienced a meltdown with the housing market in free fall. They as a result are looking at some very desperate measures. I heard a news item recently that they are considering a 10% to 20% cut in the wages to all public servants. In my opinion it’s possible that the UK could have done more to assist, but I feel there is still some lingering bad feeling after the ‘Troubles’, and from the Bombing of London, as well, for remaining Neutral during the War. In some cases it was reported at this time that help was even being offered to the Axis.


We as a Nation have always been busy leading the way with knife edge social policies. Accident Corporation is one, initially it’s concept was clearly defined. Various Governments have added on a multitude of other services that have nothing to do with accidents, various illnesses, even suicide. Of course this loading has made a situation where the Corporation is no longer viable. This doesn’t exactly please the public who are stuck with extra premiums. Speaking of these people who free load, we also have another group, the adventurous, or the just plain reckless, who engage in dangerous sports and activities. They know should they get hurt, the State will be there to pick up the cheque. They pay little or nothing to the scheme, and they are overloading the system.


Another area that requires attention and that’s the constant Maori need for funds and hand outs, they are becoming a persistent drain on our resources. I think what initially should be looked at, and that’s the question of ‘What is a Maori’. With the money that sloshing around in that area, there are too many claiming to be Maoris that really have a very tenuous claim. By saying this I will make myself very unpopular, but after a half cast you, would no longer have any existing rights. You would then become just a plain New Zealander. We have no need to guilty about what happened over two hundred years ago. The Maoris as a group have done very nicely indeed. They have had access to generous pensions, medical care, and education too if they wished to take advantage of it. I have only lived in the South and any Maoris that I have come into contact with, have been hard working, and all round good citizens. Most of the problems seems to be in the North. All are clutching the Treaty of Waitangi which is a very shonky document indeed. No matter how you look at it, it would never stand any legal challenge, unless the Maoris and politicians rewrite it. While they are on the job, perhaps they can look at the Land Clearances back in Scotland when our forbearers were driven off their farms.



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