Greenpeace activists today are busy giving the Japanese Whaling Fleet a hard time. I’m not sure why they are so intent on saving Whales, their last campaign was against Nucleor Testing in the Pacific, or anywhere for that matter. Yes I can relate to that, but then as always, they pushed a little too hard and came away with a Bloody Nose. We now know it was the French Secret Service who sank their vessel, ‘Rainbow Warrior’ while moored in Auckland. A couple of small bombs did the job when they became a little too annoying. I had actually been down to the Auckland wharves that very same day when the deed was carried out. I had been making a visit to an Out Board Agency, intent on buying a replacement part for my own ‘odd ball’ engine while in Auckland. I actually saw this highly painted green boat, decorated with a huge rainbow painted on it’s side. I didn’t know then what all the attention and fuss, that people were making over it. Or even that it was the centre of the Greenpeace protest movement, as I didn’t live in Auckland. What a dummy I was, I didn’t know either, that soon it would be sunk, more to the point after the bombing, attracting worldwide interest. I really wasn’t much interested in what they were up to, everyone and his Uncle were at this time busy protesting about most things. I considered they were just another Bunch of nerds, with too much time on their hands. Then came the explosion, this blew their protest onto the front page of newspapers around the world. Not exactly what the French wanted. The French Secret Service who did the deed escaped, but turned out to be a clumsy bunch, who really didn’t deserve to get away with this act. I formed the opinion that at this time, the French Secret Service must be an easy organisation to get employment in as they seemed to behave like rank amateurs.


Today Greenpeace is in just about as much danger if they keep on pushing the parameters of their protest. This technic of ramming at high speed to frustrate the Whale Catchers can only result in grief. At some point the Japanese will strike back, and the Antarctic is not the place for these high stake games, however well intentioned. Further more, the pristine environment of the Antarctica shouldn’t be put under such a threat by these clowns. Which is exactly what they are doing. Any serious damage sustained, Japanese or Greenpeace, could cause an irreversible situation which would be unforgivable, no matter how just they consider their cause. Oil and other fuel could contaminate the continent and bird life for a hundred years.


The Whales after being hunted nearly to extinction have made a wonderful recovery, they could now sustain some culling. But I don’t think, no matter how great their recovery that hunting will ever be condoned. There will always be a Greenpeace or like organisation busy riding shotgun on them. I’m not sure what the love affair with Greenpeace and the whales is all about. Maybe it’s because the Whales have a large brain, and it’s said to be intelligent. I don’t how you would measure this, but we too have many humans with big brains, and it’s no measure of their intelligence. Many of these have never had an original thought in all their lives. The height of their ambition for many seems to be a member of a gang and spend their lives being lead around by their nose.


I know the Japanese like whale meat, as do the Norwegians and Eskimos. I haven’t tried it, but have eaten a Dolphin Steak given to me by a fisherman. If given a choice of take it or leave it, I think now I would just leave it, as the dolphin meat was a little too fishy for my taste. I have read somewhere that whale meat was on sale in England during the War, possibly from Norwegians vessels that evaded capture when their country was overrun by Germany during the War II.


I’m very wary of all the ‘Green’ movements. They seem to attract on their fringe, an element that considers any action they take should be condoned by the world at large, no matter how extreme. In my mind, many times they are just plain Terrorists.






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