Today’s Justice


There is a lot of news these today on how we deal and dispense our Justice. Some of the criticism being aimed at the system is fully justified, especially when it comes to the suppression of names and evidence. Have the authorities never heard of the old saying ‘Name and Shame’. More especially of who can decide of what can, and what can’t be suppressed. All this power seems to be vested in one small group, namely Judges, and of course anyone else who is in charge. All of today’s systems have evolved to a point where we are now following a quaint set of rules and protocols. This over time has given us a system that seems to favour and is heavily weighted in favour of the accused. They have their rights you know. The authorities who are in charge, all seem to be recruited from a very small pool of what is called eligible people, or to put it more bluntly ‘lawyers’. As well, these folk have decided that they are the only people in our country with the specialist knowledge who are capable of making any of today’s legal decisions, which to my mind is absolutely plain nonsense. Most times the decisions they make have nothing to do with legal matters, all that is required is just a dollop of good old ‘Common Sense’. Lawyers over the years have played a big part in introducing our to our complicated system requiring you to know all of the complicated rules and procedures that have evolved to dispense ‘Justice’. This has now evolved to a point should you must wish to work within the system, you like it or like it not you now require the services of a lawyer. Most of these rules are just nonsense when you take a hard look at them. In my opinion which has been formed over time, too many of these people have also entered into a relationship that’s a little too close to the criminal element. This in any other field would have them disqualified them for having a vested interest. To expand the subject, too many have spent years working in close contact with the criminal element doing their best to assist them, and if possible help them to wriggle out of what ever they have been charged with. At the same time using every tenuous ploy they can dream up. This is also a relationship where they have been very well paid to distort facts, and in turn free their clients.


I mentioned in an earlier letter that one feral before the court was given a two weeks of suppression of his name, to advise his grandmother of his predicament. We the public have a right to know what is going on, so long as the justice system is going to fudge the facts by suppression, then it is no longer open Justice. Everything in court matters should be open. No one should have the power to suppress anything, whether it be ‘names’ or ‘evidence’. I’m not alone in these beliefs. Should judges have the feeling that this or that should be covered up, he should have extremely good reasons for doing so, not the rather lame excuse of a two week suspension for someone before the court to advise his ‘Granny’ is to open him/herself to criticism. It would seem that there are many people out there who are of the opinion that Justice today has strayed too far, and now are prepared to object by blatantly challenging the system, daring them to do their damnedest.


Another area of concern and that’s how penalties are arrived at. There doesn’t seen to be any degree of fairness at all. Steal a bar of chocolate and a can of peaches you can expect to receive the full force of the law. Steal a million or so and the situation changes completely. The law doesn’t seem to ratchet up the sentence on a pro rata basis, or even in some cases even go after the stolen funds with any serious intent.




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