We human beings are a strange lot. We consider that we are intelligent, clever, more than able to figure out all manner of things for ourselves, even the simple things, even knowing right from wrong. Full of compassion; yes that too, However with all these things in our make up, we always seem to be overlooking something. In fact there must be an alarming discrepancy in a large part of our brain, it could be that somewhere there is a empty blank screen, waiting to be filled with some nonsense or other. Possibly a reason for this is that we have descended from pack animals and retain some of their characteristics with a built in need to be led around. I have observed that we are prepared to elect and follow leaders mainly by their physical appearance. If they are big in statue, look strong, attractive, and look what we consider a leader should look like, then we assume, that they must have the brains to go along with their physical appearance. Are in fact leaders? In many cases they are not. Some I have found when tested by events, in fact have the mental age of children. And you don’t have to look hard to find this condition, you’ll find it in all walks of life, whether it’s the Military Services, large organisations, or Politics. Far too many have this built in fault. We have over the years had some very narrow squeaks in believing and accepting this factor, especially with the military sector. God knows what mistakes this hidden ineptitude can be sheeted home to our political leaders. Over time we have been blessed with Military leaders who are actually dressed up dummies. In peace time, slowly but surely they have ingratiated themselves into positions of power. None it seem have ever been tested in combat. It doesn’t seem to matter, they strut around giving to all and sundry the feeling of security. But when actually called on to act, seeing that the moment of truth had arrived, they were found to be wanting, but sometimes fully conversant of the tactics of how to fight an earlier war. When we needed to call on them, thinking that all would be well, to our horror of we found these Guys unfortunately were only equipped for pomp and ceremony. They didn’t have a clue of how to fight a war. They loved to line up the military equipment in rows, which as it turned out, made to make it easy for the enemy to take it all out in a pre-emptive strike. They had been so busy over time painting stones around military buildings and other spit and polish exercises, and they seemed to have forgotten or didn’t understand the real purpose of what their job entailed.


America too had their share of these Sunday soldiers who did all of the above and worse. They scorned the use of technology that they had available. Once you start to read History you see just how stupid some of these folk have been. In world war I we had Generals still believed in and well versed in Calvary Tactics. That there was still a place for the horse. They persisted in this outmoded form of warfare; ignoring the fact what machine guns were doing to their troops. Killing hundred and thousands of troops under their command, refusing to accept what was happening in front of their eyes. Again with World War II, these folk were around again in many theatres. One that engagement that stood out, was that of the defence of Singapore. What a disaster that was in every respect. Our main heavy guns pointing out to sea, only problem with that was the enemy came in through the back door. Heavy reliance on Battleships with no air cover, no one seems to have told he Military that things had moved on, and what Aircraft could, and did do. Battleships at Pearl Harbour had had their day. The Japanese pointed out this mistake. The ‘experts’ wouldn’t have listened to any advice then, even if had they had been told. The Americans were lucky that they were able to rid themselves of these spit and polish warriors early in the War, replacing them with real leaders.


This eagerness to fill this blank section of our brain manifests it’s self in other areas. It’s apparent with our willingness to join and follow Cults, and other equally strange religions. Once accepted and imprinted, the doctrine or belief no matter how strange soon after people have been recruited, it would seem there is no escape, it’s also very difficult to reverse damage the brain washing has done. Some are even prepared to even prefer death rather than change their beliefs.

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