Art and Culture

I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me, but a lot of Art that people rave over today in this World of Culture, is for me, absolutely meaningless’. No matter how hard I try, I can see no merit in it what so ever. Frankly I can’t see just exactly what excites the ‘Avant-Garde’ in some of these works. Maybe in my ‘make up’ that I’m missing some special genes, or something else in my outlook and my pathetic attitude towards the Art World. After recently looking at some of Ralph Hotere’s recent works, which seem to consist of only of a few rough lines. Then listening to the ravings of so called art critics of how wonderful they all are. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m completely barmy. Or is it that perhaps the art experts have got it wrong? I have even studied some of Colin McCahon’s late works of art, complete with their addition of biblical messages splashed across prominently over the foreground of his paintings, this makes me wonder if he is more interested in getting across a religious message, or finishing off another masterpiece work of art. The experts again can interpret this again as something wonderful. I suppose what actually sparked this message was the ‘exhibit’ (actually a heap of rubbish), made from recently discarded wrapping material tossed aside from other items that had been entered into an exhibition. This rubbish was swept into heap, and then declared another, ‘Work of ‘Art’. This, believe it or believe it not, actually gained first prize. To make it worse in my eyes, was listening to the ‘Experts’ try to explain the message that they were getting from the exhibit. We also harbour amongst our young folk vandals whose one aim in life is to vandalise any blank surface with spray paint. They can quickly turn any inner city into a ghetto if they are left unchecked. Up again pop our ‘Experts’. This is folk art!, they should be encouraged. In this case I’m pleased they are not taken notice off and the authorities have quickly stamped on their pathetic daubs.

I suppose Wine also comes into this, believe it, or believe it not, category. Of course Wine is a very pleasant drink, but in my mind doesn’t deserve all of the praise and mystique that today’s romantics heap on it. Of course not forgetting the trade, who have an alterative agenda and are more interested in shifting product. I wandered one day into a boutique wine shop, after reading some of the labels and advertising plashed everywhere. I should have got carried away and purchased a bottle or three, then according to the ‘blurbs’ be in for a treat indeed. They raved on, ‘A fresh cheeky wine, with an aftertaste of raspberries, spicy and fragrant’ another wine boasted. ‘Tastes of tropical fruits like Mango and Guava’. ‘Rich and warm, with the taste of abundant fruit’. At one time I was a director in a winery, so I understand a little of what’s going on. Back then, listening to many of my fellow directors who spent much of the meeting time in talking in superlatives about their product, and not keeping their eye on the ball, which in this case was money, something, they were loosing by the bucketfuls, and not making moves to correct the situation. Had their product been as good as their advertising claimed it was, it wouldn’t have been a problem. One bright individual said, ‘I worried far too much’, ‘If we require more money, we can always issue more shares’. This was at a time when the Bank was calling up their loans, and the fact that they were diluting their shareholding escaped them.

Music is another area that I’m often out of step. I once attended a concert one evening given by a newly discovered prodigy. He then, right from start proceeded to render offering after offering, all played in discords. This instead of entertaining me, made it difficult to listen to. On this occasion I was able to vote with my feet and I walked out, I was pleased to see I wasn’t alone with this gesture. I’m also against loud music which the young today seem to enjoy. I even wonder how long a life some of the modern tunes of today will last. Will they be around in ten years? It matters not as most of the young will all be deaf by this time, then they will be able to turn up the volume on their hearing aids as loud as they wish.

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