Police and Terrorists

The Air Port Security forces are at it again, they now wish to toughen up Security on our Domestic and Air Link Services. ( That’s the small plane fleet) And who do you think is going to pay for this ‘Peace of mind’. Of course you are silly billy. Do we need this additional protection from perceived Local Terrorists, or is it only another ‘Make Work’ Scheme? I’m of the opinion all that needs to be done, is to isolate the pilots from the passengers, so a locked door between the cabin and the pilots is all that is required. Any determined terrorist, or what ever you wish to call these Deranged people, they will always find a way to by pass any and all security checks, they have proved thus in the past. The authorities are crowing over what they have discovered, in the form of nail scissors, and files, Swiss pocket knives, and a host of other small ‘brick a brac’, all proudly displayed in many glass cases at various Air Ports. In my mind this is a pitiful collection. I can’t imagine anyone holding up a plane with many of the items displayed. For instant if you were kitting out a Terrorist Cell, took them to our security cabinets of retrieved and confiscated so called weapons, saying, ‘You can help yourself to what ever you want from our collection. They would probably fall over laughing.


Another thing that needs to change and that is the attitude that’s instilled into our culture from birth, and that’s our political correctness towards people intent on doing you harm. That’s the acceptance that most bad people are not really out to do you serious harm or cause general mayhem. So long as you meekly go along with the herd, do as you are told, then all will be OK. In the case where the Terrorists took over commercial planes ‘twelve eleven’ to fly into the twin Towers, only one group of passengers took matters into their own hands and fought back, they nearly saved the day for themselves. At least they did try, and more to the point they did prevent the Terrorists from flying the plane into the White House, or what other prime target they had in mind. They at least stopped acting like pathetic animals caught in the headlights of a vehicle bearing down on them and froze into inaction. To give in, be compliant, is what the authorities would like us all do, give into their demands, but that’s not what I believe you should do.


Unfortunately in this country when you try to fight back you can end up being treated like a criminal, and what’s more arrested. Take the recent case of the Indian shop keeper who took a hockey stick to defend himself from a knife welding robber. For his trouble he was arrested and charged for aggravated behaviour. At least the Courts showed some common sense, while they didn’t award him a medal, they tossed the case out. I’m afraid in my opinion the Police are the wrong people to give control of over situations where a malcontent is busy spraying bullets around the neighbourhood. I’m not sure what the problem is, but suspect it’s the media exposure, and the roasting that follows by the professional ‘nit pickers’. What ever they do they are subject to criticism, and given buckets of advice of what they should have done. They act in the same when ever there is an accident out on the road. They lock up the whole scene for a day, the dislocation they cause by this action is never questioned, or the time they take to mull over the situation. What they are really doing, is protecting their rear again. If this was to be the norm I can see when our earlier wars were fought in this manner, no wonder we had ‘One Hundred Years’ Wars.


I heard one high up Officer explain away why they took a whole day to get themselves into gear when the lad David Gray ran amuck at Aramoana. They said they didn’t know exactly where he was. I would have had no argument with this if were only him and the Police involved, as far as I am concerned they can take a week. But in this case there were people lying around wounded, some considered dead or dying, others holed up in their homes. So even in the face of this they waited 23 hours until he made a move. Of course again the media were out in full force, all arraigned on a high advantage point, with their cameras covering the whole area. This task should have been given to the Army who are specialists in this area of expertise. They wouldn’t required a day to plan their next move. The Police said they didn’t know where the lad was holed up, but in a war the enemy, don’t go around holding up flags, calling out, ‘We are here’! You have to go out on patrol, and winkle them out.





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