The Green Party

The Green party are undergoing a change of leadership brought about by Janette Fitzsimons stepping down from the Co. Leader’s position. I wonder who will fill her shoes? She has been a very moderating influence on the direction that the party has taken. This Party is not all what it seems, whether you are aware of it or not, it’s political attitude is more to the extreme left side of the political spectrum. Over the years it has earned the name of the closest thing to a water melon, you will ever meet. That’s Green on the outside and Red on the inside. Someone once said, that it’s better to regard them as traffic lights red one minute, and green the next, except when Sue Kedgley eats a food additive, then its a funny orange.


They could if they wanted, become the most powerful force to be reckoned within our political scene. Everyone has some green leanings whatever their party affiliations and would vote green, but many are unaware and unsure exactly what is the make up of this party. But for the left affiliation they would give them a party vote, as it’s a popular thing, as I said to think Green. There is another thing that stops an automatic donation of a vote and that’s the fact that several of the politicians in the Party, have, or have had in the past, very Marxist views. That fact alone, has cost them dearly at the poles, ever since they evolved from the old Values Party.


Recently it has been discovered that at least one of their  politicians has been under surveillance by the SIS. He is very upset about this but must have done something to warrant such close attention. Apart from their leader, none represent an electorate


There was talk during the election run up that perhaps that could join up with the National Party. People who said that hadn’t looked too hard at their members, or what they stood for, I can say without any worry about contra diction, they would never affiliate with any National Party in a month of Sundays.


As King Makers with the Labour Party they have forced through several stupid laws. These were the price the Labour Party has had to pay for their support. Not surprising this played a large part in the Labour Party losing the Last election.



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