Where do we all come from? It’s a very basic question that’s getting plenty of attention these days. People have been asking or wondering about this question since time began. Anyway, all today’s papers journals and news sources are full of this topic, all because Charles Darwin was born Two Hundred years ago. If you don’t know, he was the gentleman who gave us a partial set of facts and answers about our origins. Of course at that time his observations and findings was in direct conflict with the accepted Bible Story of Genesis. He was worried, and rightly so, just how his discoveries would be accepted by the Christian World. In times past it didn’t do you much good to get out of line with the established thinking. Religious Fundamentalists back then were not the kind of people to be trifled with, for that matter even today. More people have lost their lives and ended up on a stake by proposing something different other than the accepted ‘Truth’ as laid down by the various Church Doctrines than any other method. ‘We know the truth, they cry there is only one truth, recant your beliefs, or accept the consequences’.


And what do I believe? Well for a start I don’t believe in the story that the Earth was made over a week as described in Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament. Nor do I believe ‘fully’ in Natural Selection, as proposed by Darwin. For me, to believe that, some of the more sophisticated forms of life such as Brains, Sight, that popped up in the course of Natural Selection as prosed by Darwin’s Natural Selection theory. In my mind it’s too great a leap of faith to have arrived just by chance. One has to wonder, perhaps Natural Selection as proposed by Darwin maybe in my opinion may have got a nudge forward from God, or a like Deity. As by whom, well may you ask as there are plenty to pick from. Man for as long as he could reason, has worshiped who or what they considered responsible for our arrival on earth. Even today there are some 4,300 Faith Groups, all claiming they have the answers, so there is plenty to pick from. Should you want to go back into the past we have Greek and Roman gods which fell by the wayside. As well Egyptian and Aztec Sun Gods. Budderisium, so all men since the dawn of time have spent their lives looking for their creator to worship and pay homage to.


Through our last trip through India and Asia we saw simply dozens of temples, each with a fresh set of values and beliefs. Such as Jainism which boasts of many well educated Indian adherents, all of whom believe that plants and vegetables have souls, because of that, they eat nothing that grows under the soil.


Further to my beliefs, I was brought up a Christian, and I accept their laws on behaviour. I try to carry these out to the best of my ability. I don’t attend Church, as today’s services are composed of in the main the singing of Hymns. I can’t sing more than two notes in tune, so when I do attend a service I just mime the words. I get no pleasure from that exercise. I also resent being harangued for 30 minutes in the sermon, as get the feeling that the minister is talking at me. I accept that two thousand years ago a man called Jesus walked this earth, and met an untimely end. But there are many stories in the New Testament in my opinion that are more or less parables. The fact that there was such a long delay, one to two hundred years, getting the Testament transcribed will have allowed errors to creep in, and the scribes at the time perhaps fudged the facts.





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