Cell Phones and Noise

Do you think that the cell phone companies have given up erecting new towers? Just because there is no longer any clamour against building them. Think again, their coverage as time goes on, just gets better, and better, so they must carrying on with their programme of erecting towers to get this coverage. Well what have they done? For a start, they have become a little more subtle and devious. In the City daily, I see signs of them being hidden away even in street light poles. And anything that is sticking into the air and has a suspicious bulge in it, ten to one it will mask a cell phone tower. Overseas, they are being disguised as palms and trees, and all manner of things that we are used to seeing daily, and doesn’t raise suspicions. This hides the fact that there is a Cell tower concealed in all manner of things. Should they get found out, they just shrug off their deed, and say, they were only trying to beautify the installation. In one way I suppose we are lucky to have these self imposed guardians who do the complaining for us. But in my opinion they always go too far, and only a couple, providing they are vocal enough, can stop all manner of things which could be for public good. Such as fluoridation of our water supply. I remember a long time ago when Port Chalmers was considering fluoridation. A very small minority mounted a campaign to prevent it, and they did just that, and stopped fluoridation in it’s tracks. We for one family really wanted the fluoridation to proceed, but knew it was never going to happen. So we went out and obtained tablets from the Chemist to make up one of the many missing trace elements, that we are unfortunately lacking in New Zealand. The lack of this element caused most of our Nation’s population to lose all their teeth by the time they were twenty years of age. Or the many campaigns the medical people mounted to eradicate many diseases; say with mass inoculations of the population. Some will always see harm in this, and everything else since their relations, the ‘Luddites’ first arrived on the scene.


Cell phones themselves even came under severe attack, they were said to be the prime cause of brain cancers, tumours. If you think about it, there is no need really to have the phone pressed against your ear. An ear piece which is allowed and if used will remove the perceived danger. I notice no one doing this, although most phones provide this facility. There is no end of the functions today’s phone is able to support. Now they can take a photo, and transmit same. Tell the time, give Internet access, TXT messages, send Emails, act as a radio, some even have GPS ability, and of course it can act as a phone. So long as you have your phone turned on it will receive messages, and if you don’t, your mail box will store them. When turned on it is also silently tracking you, whether you are walking, riding in a car, or flying in an air craft.


I do, so help me, see harm with the amount of noise the young folk subject themselves too. Currently, it is considered real smart to play any appliance or sound system at full blast. There is a real danger in this. On one occasion Laura and I were forced to leave a function because of excessive noise levels. The people in charge wouldn’t turn the amplified noise level down, in our opinion it was so loud that it was offensive, so we just up and left. Maybe the smart thing to do today is to go out and invest in the ‘Hearing Aid Business’ because in the future that’s where the money will be. Many of today’s young people in the future are going to be deaf. In traffic while stopped at the lights I have at times been able to hear a base thump, thump, from an adjoining vehicle which is so loud, it beggars belief, only the base notes are apparent and coming from it’s sound system. So loud that one would think that it would be possible to observe the car’s body actually moving in sympathy. I have been told that I would be eligible for a pension as many of my fellow fliers have been deafened with Aircraft engine noise. I don’t think personally qualify, sometimes it’s very handy to be just a little deaf. As Granny once said. ‘There’s none so deaf than those who don’t wish to hear’.


We do have another source of youth noise, and that’s from our so called ‘Boy Racers’. The police and council seem unable to do much about it. It’s back to the old ‘saw’, They have their rights and everyone is ‘pussy footing’ around to protect these clowns, who with their mates the taggers, seem to be hell bent in destroying our way of life. While the police are busy rushing to the site of their latest outrage, they have already arranged another meet via their cell phone flash messaging ability.





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