Bad Debts



One day a young man called to my Office and slumped into a chair. You can tell a lot from Body language and this looked right at the start that it could be a bad interview. He said, ‘I’ve just called in to say goodbye’, and as far as I’m concerned, you can whistle for your money, which was an unsecured loan. He was a member of a good family but he was a bit of a scallywag. I replied, ’I’m sorry to hear that, but as a matter of interest where are you going?’ He replied, ‘Why I’m off to New Caledonia. I have a very good job in their Nickel Mines.’ I may have mentioned earlier we held accounts, for everybody who was anybody in that Country, and many too, were personal friends. Some even held high positions in the Judiciary. I said, I have a little free advice for you, when your plane arrives at Tontouta don’t bother to get out, as you will not be allowed entry in New Caledonia. When you leave here I am immediately going to send a Telex to New Caledonia that you are on your way, saying that you are a most undesirable character, it would be in their best interests to send you back. ‘He said you wouldn’t do that, would you’? I replied ‘Try me’. He called two hours later and paid off his debt, and all was quiet until about 8-00pm the next day. The phone rang with our friend again almost incoherent, screaming, ‘You promised, you promised, I have just been taken off the Aircraft in Auckland. I replied, that this was nothing to do with me I kept to my promise, not that I intended to take any action. He surely must have stood on someone’s toes elsewhere. But I’m sure they will soon be in touch with you. I thought, much more of this, and I could be in line for an Honary Degree in psychology

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