As you grow older and you have been lucky in ‘Life’s Lottery’, or perhaps you were born with good genes, perhaps not born with these, but have other claims on the ticket of ‘Long Life’. In that you have managed to avoid, and survived, all the other nasty sicknesses, plagues, military service, and accidents, that are dropped onto you indiscriminately. All of which are out there just to make damn sure you don’t really enjoy long life. Did I mention ‘Lucky’, sometimes I wonder? Now I’m finding it kind of lonely now as I look around. Most if not all, of my best close friends that I once knew, loved, competed with, drank with, and enjoyed their company have one by one shuffled on. I have witnessed their departures with sadness, as their fingers, were prised from life itself. I know I must sound morbid but it’s been a cold miserable winter and we have had two and a half months of wet weather which has kept us indoors and house bound. Maybe that’s what’s making me so maudlin. Maybe it’s because I have been listening to Lloyd Geering, a leading theologian relating his life’s story, daily on the National Programme at 10-45am. So if you think by listening to him you are going to get some of the answers to what life is all about, you are sadly mistaken, I find that he is as puzzled about life as I am.


I can’t pass without some comment about Winston Peters. He is I’m sure, suffering from the Manic Depressive Syndrome. I know I’m not a medical person, but I’ve had more than a little experience with suffers of this complaint. They as a group over a long period, have caused me endless sleepless nights. That was until I really understood their sickness, with the aid and an explanation by our local doctor. One sufferer actually resided next door for a time. As a neighbour he was not a problem, but he really lived in a different world. He did things in our eyes that were clearly self destructive, but perfectly normal to him. As Bank clients I had my share too. Their behaviour was something that effected us all from time to time. They would set about to destroying a profitable business when on a ‘High’, with seemingly stupid decisions. I would like a peek in Peter’s medical cabinet, just to see if there were any Lithium tablets in there that he wasn’t taking.


I read in the New Zealand Herald this week a ‘Roll of Dishonour’ relating to Labour’s Failed Political Ministerial appointees. Why so many? I wouldn’t know but possibly they didn’t have enough of the ‘right’ Material available from the pool that was available. Anyway, it is a very sad list, but some since their fall from grace, have been recycled.


None of the above it would appear read the Minister’s hand book on expected conduct before taking office.



We have yet another problem in our Public Hospital here. Somebody has been getting into the tightly controlled pain killing drugs, straight out stealing same, or just diluting the base stock with distilled water. The discrepancies it would seem cover stocks held at three Wards. Whether it’s to feed a drug habit, or financial profit from their sale is unknown but it’s the patients who are suffering. It’s been on going for some time as the Pharmacy became aware a year ago that some plastic phials were being broached. So where they could, they immediately reverted to buying only the drugs that were sealed in glass. The thought that they could let people suffer by getting injections of distilled water is beyond belief. I would think that rather than pussy footing around those who have access, it would be a good idea to wade in and demand that they all give urine and blood tests, looking for residues. That should smoke out he culprits if they are feeding a drug addition. Hospitals today because they are closely associated with Government and their PC attitude to all facets of care. Because of this they are over whelmed with signage in two or more languages. Bulletin boards are groaning with messages that date back years. Posted somewhere I’m sure there will be a message saying, ‘It’s naughty to steal pain killing drugs’.


I mentioned earlier we are in the middle of a dreary Winter, but we are not missing out from Summer fruits sourced from around the world. We can buy and enjoy wonderful Nectarines, Peaches, plums, all from California selling between $3 or $4 a kilo. Pineapples around $1-60. Table Grapes from South America $4 a kilo. Bananas at $1-60, Paw Paws at $3 from the Philippines or South America. I never stop wondering how the growers can grow harvest and ship their produce across the world and still turn a profit. However our local ‘out of season’ fruit and Vegetables are not cheap. Tomatoes $9 a kilo. Bell peppers about the same price. Only Kiwi Fruit are cheap, but I suspect that they are export rejects. I must wind this letter up and sign off.




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